Kurt Russell Net Worth: How Much Does The American Actor Make?

Kurt Russell Net Worth: Kurt Russell has starred in many films that are now considered masterpieces, despite passing up a part in one of the most successful film franchises. There is little doubt that movies like “The Thing” and “Escape From New York” will be remembered warmly long after Russell has passed on.

It’s no secret that many moviegoers are fond of Russell, which is why studio executives value having him in their projects. Kurt Russell is a massive movie star and a content individual. After all, Russell has been with Goldie Hawn for a long time, and they appear to be extremely happy together, and their children all seem to adore him. 

Many people are curious about Russell’s private life because he and his family appear so contented. This, along with the fact that Russell has amassed such a fortune throughout his career, explains why many of his admirers are curious about Kurt’s spending habits.

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What is Kurt Russell’s Net Worth and Salary?

The American actor Kurt Russell is worth an estimated $100 million. Once a famous child star, Kurt Russell has gone on to have a long and fruitful career in the film industry, during which he has played everything from heroic protagonists to villainous antagonists. Together, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have a net worth of close to $200 million, making them one of the wealthiest Hollywood couples.

Early Life

In the middle of the 1960s, Kurt Russell started his career as a child actor, making appearances on shows like The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters. He became one of the Walt Disney Company’s most prominent performers after signing a 10-year contract with the company in the 1970s. His adult film credits include Silkwood, Escape from New York, Stargate, Grindhouse, and Poseidon.

The actor has been with Goldie Hawn, an actress, since 1983, and their relationship has become well-known in its own right. Russell married actress Season Hubley, whom he met while filming Elvis in 1979 before he began dating Goldie Hawn. In 1980, they welcomed their son Boston Russell into the world.

During his divorce from Hubley in 1983, Russell reconnected with Goldie Hawn on the set of Swing Shift, and the two have been together ever since. Wyatt, their only child, was born in 1986, and the following year, in 1987, the pair costarred in the film Overboard. They are proud homeowners of a property in Palm Desert, California.

Oliver and Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson’s famous son and daughter, respectively, were raised by Russell and regard him as their father. However, he is not their biological father. Russell and Hawn uprooted their family in February of 2003 just so their son could play hockey at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Russell is an FAA-certified private pilot with single/multi-engine and instrument ratings and is an Honorary Board Member of the humanitarian aviation charity Wings of Hope.

Personal Life

Russell married Season Hubley, an actress with whom he had a kid, in 1979; the couple separated in 1983. He eventually had a longtime relationship with Goldie Hawn and had another child with her. The couple has said that the fact that they “choose to be with each other” every morning gives their relationship more depth than getting married would have.

Together, Goldie Hawn and Tom Hanks are one of the wealthiest couples in Hollywood. Actor Kurt Russell is a vocal advocate for the Second Amendment’s protection of gun ownership. In addition, he is a licensed pilot qualified to fly a range of aircraft. Actor Kurt Russell considers himself a Libertarian.

Kurt Russell Personal Life
Kurt Russell’s Personal Life


Real Estate

Over the years, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have made significant investments in real estate. They spent $3.8 million in 1997 to buy a Manhattan apartment. They spent over $3.6 million on a home in Palm Desert, California, back in 2003. They spent $5.7 million for a larger, cliffside house in the same neighbourhood in 2011.

Also, Russell and Hawn have two residences: one in Vancouver, Canada, and another in Brentwood, California. They have a $14.75 million beachside getaway in Malibu, a $14 million lakefront property in Ontario and a vineyard in the Santa Ynez Valley. 

Their spacious Malibu villa has 4,300 square feet of inside space and a large, gated backyard with waterfalls. They made a $6.9 million profit selling a Pacific Palisades home in 2019. They have relocated to a ranch in the mountains outside Aspen, Colorado, which spans 72 acres.

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