‘Kung Fu’ Canceled: After 3 Seasons at The CW

Kung Fu, the three-season revival of the legendary series by The CW, will not be renewed. It is the most recent termination of an ongoing scripted series at the network, which is shifting its financial strategy under its new owners to concentrate on cheaper scripted originals, especially from Canada and the United Kingdom.

So far, only Walker and All American, two of the CW’s top scripted shows, have been renewed for the next season. The Winchesters, Kung Fu, and Walker Independence were eliminated as the three least likely candidates. All American: Homecoming and Superman & Lois are still up in the air, although they are seen to have the highest chance (however remote that may be), followed by Gotham Knights.

‘Kung Fu’ Canceled: After 3 Seasons at The CW

Before today’s announcement, Kung Fu Warner Bros. Television reportedly looked into other potential homes for the show but was unsuccessful. In Kung Fu, Olivia Liang plays a young Chinese American woman named Nicky Shen who, after a quarter-life crisis, quits college and embarks on a transformative journey to a remote monastery in China.

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However, she discovers that when she returns to San Francisco, her hometown has become infested with crime and corruption, and her parents, Jin (Tzi Ma) and Mei-Li (Kheng Hua Tan), are at the hands of a vital Triad. Vanessa Kai, Eddie Liu, Gavin Stenhouse, Tony Chung, Shannon Dang, and Jon Prasida were also cast members.

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With Robert Berens, Christina M. Kim worked as co-showrunner and executive producer for the pilot episode. Sarah Schechter, Martin Gero, David Madden, and Greg Berlanti were executive producers. Kung Fu was adapted from the original series created by Ed Spielman by Berlanti Productions and Quinn’s House in collaboration with Warner Bros. Television.

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