Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Release Date Status: Confirmed Or Cancelled?

The Dark Road of Kingdom Hearts is coming to a conclusion. Dark Road will receive its final chapter later this month after the servers went offline last year, terminating multiplayer functionality.

The announcement was made as part of the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event, which included performances of the game’s music, Q&A sessions with Tetsuya Nomura and Ichiro Hazama, and a message from Hikaru Utara.

The introduction of the final update for Kingdom Hearts Dark Road brought the presentation to a close. Kingdom Hearts X was first made available for web browsers in 2013 before moving to mobile in 2015 and then being packaged for a global audience as a standalone mobile game in 2020.

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Fans complained that the tale was way too brief and the gameplay wasn’t that interesting at first, and the game wasn’t actually that fantastic. The tale of Dark Road has been expanded through updates over the years to the point where fans are now interested in finding out Ansem’s origins and his previous existence as Xehanort.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Release Date

On March 22, 2002, the same day that the first game was released to the public, a film recapping the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary celebration was posted on YouTube. The video made it known that the last installment of the Dark Road story would be released on August 26. These details were disclosed.

The video also noted that the Kingdom Hearts series had sold more than 35 million units globally, with Kingdom Hearts III becoming the series’ best-selling title to date after selling 6.7 million copies. The series that has become the best-selling book in the entire world was used to frame this information.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Cast And Plot

The game’s director, Tetsuya Nomura, made indications that there would be a lot of secrets and questions revealed in a later update. Scala ad Caelum, which does not appear in the mainline games and is inaccessible to the general public, will be the setting of the last chapter.

An unknown figure with a hood makes an appearance in the final scene beside a youthful Xehanort. The person in the cloak informed them that there is still a lot to say and that there is a lot more to come as they were both seated by the fire on Destiny Island.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Cast
Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Cast

The prior video announcing the anniversary event was shown again, and this time, the section describing the magic mirror attracted the greatest attention.

Players can speculate about the kinds of reactions they might receive in the future update by exploiting the hints that have already been left, according to Nomura, who said that they were already present. Using the indications that have already been offered, players can make educated guesses about the kinds of responses they might receive.

On June 22, 2020, the video game Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, which is centered on the time that Masters Xehanort and Eraqus spent in Scala ad Caelum, was released for the first time. The events of this game occur a very long time after the Keyblade War and the events of Kingdom Hearts Union X.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Features Of Game

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link, the series’ following game, will be made accessible for mobile devices after this last installment. It will be the first game in the series that can be played entirely in 3D and will have action gameplay that is exactly like what is found in console games.

Even though the most recent trailer was made with Unreal Engine 4, the recap video hinted that Kingdom Hearts IV would be made with Unreal Engine 5. The creators of the game are urging players to consider everything else that is in store for series fans in addition to how Kingdom Hearts will progress in the upcoming installment in the franchise.

There is currently an English-language website dedicated solely to the anniversary, which includes a number of posters, galleries, and quotes from the creative team.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Trailer And Gameplay

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