Kim Plath Divorce: Why Did The ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Star Split From Her First Husband?

Kim Plath is in the midst of divorce on Welcome to Plathville. Does this mean she no longer holds to her superior, judging viewpoint? Several viewers of Welcome to Plathville have voiced their displeasure with Kim Plath’s recent comments on her impending divorce.

She has been outspoken about the fact that after 25 years of marriage to Barry Plath, she is no longer happy, loved, or appreciated. Kim’s sudden decision to end her marriage to Barry and begin a new life took the Plath children by surprise. She has built her life on the belief that marriage is for the rest of one’s life.

Many of her supporters see this as hypocrisy because she previously said she would never get married. Kim’s sanctimonious attitude toward the rest of Plathville’s residents has been there since the novel’s inception. Moriah Plath became close with Gay Kallschmidt, the mother of her boyfriend Max after her daughter began dating Max.

Upon finally meeting Gay, Kim said they had little in common. “Gay has dyed hair and I don’t,” she said, pointing out a key distinction between them. Unlike me, she has already been through a divorce and remarried her former spouse.

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Welcome To Plathville’s Kim Gets Close To Other Men

Kim, sensing an uneasy atmosphere at the Welcome to Plathville home, invited several male acquaintances over. Kim decided to bring a guy she met at the gym over for supper on the show. Later on, she was seen by TLC cameras sharing a beverage with another man. Kim felt unappreciated by Barry, and she was reacting by pursuing attention from other guys.

Welcome To Plathville’s Barry Does Not Emote

Some viewers of Welcome to Plathville have speculated that Barry is an alien or robot. Since the beginning of the show four years ago, the patriarch has maintained the same smug grin, and many viewers have come to believe that he lacks emotional depth.

During his fight with Ethan, Barry’s face never changed, leading viewers to wonder if he was incapable of empathy. In season 4 Kim tried to open up to Barry about her feelings, but he always maintained the same cool disinterest that turned her off.

Kim and Barry of Welcome to Plathville put their marriage first

Sadly, the Plaths never really had time to put their marriage first while grieving the loss of their young son Joshua (who died in a horrific automobile accident), butting heads with Ethan, and dealing with Moriah’s rebellious phase.

Instead, they felt pressured to please a variety of people at once. Though Barry seemed OK with things as they were, the mother in Welcome to Plathville was no longer in a romantic relationship.

Why Did The ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Star Kim Plath Divorce?

Kim’s haughty and condescending tone toward divorce and others whose lives once differed from her own was highlighted by fans on Reddit. One commenter on Reddit put it this way: “She’s such a liar, she even lies to herself!” That superiority complex she had because she hadn’t gone through a divorce faded fast, much like her dye job.

Now that she is going through it herself, the mother of nine has changed her mind about the divorce. As many of her supporters see it, she has a lot of self-righteousness that she has to work on. “My goodness, she will find any sad excuse to pull someone down just to make herself feel better,” wrote afinevindicatedmess on Reddit.

Why Did Kim Plath Divorce?
Why Did Kim Plath Divorce?

The Plath children were influenced by her firm convictions about the importance and sacredness of marriage, which they were encouraged to accept as gospel truth. They were taught that dating should only be pursued if it could lead to marriage.

The eldest children are having a hard time witnessing their mothers give up the beliefs that have guided their entire lives and shaped their perspectives on love and commitment. This change has been especially challenging for Lydia and Ethan, and many viewers of Welcome to Plathville believe Kim should remain out of their lives.

I don’t want to hear her talk about anybody’s relationship anymore, especially her kids,” nashusjasn commented on Reddit. Kim has exerted undue influence over Lydia’s romantic life, as well as on Ethan and Olivia Plath‘s relationship.

Kim probably never imagined that she would have to go through a divorce, but her cavalier demeanour and rude remarks are finally catching up to her. Kim, though, has never been one to avoid a debate on Welcome to Plathville. Her domineering and scheming ways have caused numerous problems both on and off-screen.

Kim claims she has matured, but she continues to be a source of conflict while still playing the victim. Ever since her divorce became public knowledge, Kim has been making excuses for herself to deflect criticism and evade responsibility.

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