Kim Kardashian Returns to Fitness Regimen After Secret Shoulder Injury

Renowned television personality and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian has embarked on the journey to regain her fitness routine after privately enduring a shoulder injury. The star of the hit show “Kardashians” shared with her Instagram followers on Monday that she had been absent from her regular gym activities for a span of a few weeks, owing to a broken shoulder and a tendon tear.

In her Instagram Story update, the 42-year-old celebrity disclosed her rehabilitation and workout plans while introducing her trainer, Melissa Alcantara, who coincidentally had experienced a similar setback. Kardashian expressed her determination to overcome the setback, stating, “Nothing is going to keep me down.”

A subsequent clip showcased Kardashian’s return to her home gym, where she discovered a container of her controversial Kimade energy drink. The exact timing and circumstances of her shoulder injury remain uncertain, given her adeptness at concealing it. This is underscored by her recent display of gymnastic prowess merely a few weeks earlier.

Kim Kardashian's Quiet Shoulder Injury Recovery

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On July 20, Kardashian delighted her 363 million followers with images of herself executing a cartwheel on the beach, donning a black thong and a white T-shirt. Remarkably, despite her injury, she executed the maneuver gracefully. Nevertheless, much of the attention from her admirers was diverted to her well-proportioned backside, rather than the physical feat itself.

Even in the wake of her injury, Kardashian’s fashion choices have remained impeccable. She has been spotted confidently sporting an array of outfits, ranging from snug all-leather ensembles to her casual yet chic “soccer mom” style. Notably, she unabashedly exhibited her Hermès Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Diamond Birkin handbag, valued at a staggering $380,000, during a soccer match in Osaka, Japan, less than a fortnight ago.

Kardashian effortlessly paired this luxury accessory with distressed light wash Balenciaga loose-fit trousers, a $7,990 investment, along with eye-catching blue boots and a white Skims bodysuit. This sartorial choice confidently showcased her resolute spirit, despite the lingering evidence of her recent shoulder injury.

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