Kim Kardashian Went As X- Men Characters For Tracee Ellis Ross B’day Party

Over the weekend, Kim Kardashian channelled her inner Elle Woods by going all out for Tracee Ellis Ross’s 50th birthday celebration by dressing in a costume that covered her body from head to toe.

The reality star, who is 42 years old, made light of the hilarious situation by posting a selfie with the birthday girl to her Instagram Stories along with the caption, “Happy Birthday!” “When I went to a friend’s birthday dinner dressed in full costume, even though it wasn’t supposed to be a costume party!

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Tracee Ellis Ross, you are the most beautiful and compassionate soul I know. Happy Birthday!” Ross wore a beautiful cherry red gown that matched the off-the-shoulder jacket he wore and accessorized it with jewels.

Kim, well-known for the creative costumes she wears every Halloween, went all out for her outfit this year, dressing as the X-Men heroine in an all-blue body suit, heels, and face makeup to match.

To round off the appearance, she had her hair slicked back in a bright red. Jennifer Lawrence, a friend of the Kardashian family, and Rebecca Romijn have both been in X-Men films playing an anti-hero character.


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In another photo, Kim is seen posing with her friends Olivia Pierson and Natalie Halcro, and she captions the picture, “Magik, Mystique, Selene.” She also posted a selfie with Diddy, dressed as Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight. Diddy went all out to channel The Joker.

Kim Kardashian captioned the photo with the phrase “Never broke character,” however she did not specify whether the two celebrities had photographed together at Ross’ birthday dinner or another event. A short while ago, Kim celebrated her 42nd birthday by getting dressed up and attempting to attend Usher’s gig in Las Vegas.

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