Kim Fields Net Worth: How Much She Earn From Instagram?

Kim Fields is one of many undervalued and underappreciated actresses in Hollywood. She was born to the well-known actress and director Chip Fields-Hurd. Alexis Fields, Kim’s older sister, is also a well-known performer who has been in series like Kenan & Kel, Sister, Sister, Roc, etc. To return to the matter at hand, Kim Fields follows in her mother Chip Fields’ footsteps by being an actor and director.

The Facts of Life, Living Single, and The Upshaws all contributed to Kim Fields’ widespread fame. Need to know the answer to a question like, “What is Kim Fields’ net worth?”? Kim Fields’ age, please. Throughout Kim Fields’s professional life, What is Kim Fields’ annual salary? I advise skimming this post in its entirety.

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Kim Fields Net Worth

As of February 2023, Kim Fields has amassed an incredible $8 million in wealth. Actress Jennifer Garner reportedly gets $1.33 million per year, or $111,000. The weekly wage for Fields is over $25,000. Fields began her acting career at a young age and has risen to fame and fortune as a result. She has been in several films and TV shows.

She also directed various TV series, which contributed to her wealth. Kim’s directing credits include episodes of Let’s Stay Together, Living Single, Kenan & Kel, and Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. Plus, she has her own production firm, Victory Entertainment. If you’re the owner of a production company, you can quickly make millions.

She has also gotten into the endorsement business, which has helped boost her wealth. Over the years, she has been approached by several different businesses. As an added source of income, Fields benefits from her series’ replays. In the end, if the show had been rebroadcast on multiple networks, she may have made tens of thousands more.

Kim fields Ventures and Instagram Earnings

It’s not unusual for a TV star to have a massive fan base. Kim Fields, a popular TV actress, has over 1.2 million Instagram followers. According to our findings, Kim Fields can make as much as $50 with a single promotional story on her Instagram account. Each sponsored photograph that Kim publishes on her Instagram profile might earn her up to $90. Kim can charge $175 for her videos if they contain paid content.


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In any case, the aforementioned is merely one of her passive income streams. Did you know Kim Fields also works in the beverage industry? She runs a wholesale business called “Signature Blends by KF,” which sells tea and coffee to everyone from mom-and-pop shops to multinational conglomerates. Reports indicate that its primary operations are managed out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Additionally, Kim Fields is the CEO of the fitness company Refresh by KF. Their main goal is to help individuals improve their lifestyles. The Refresh by KF manuals cover topics like maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Not only that but there is also advice on how to spruce up the inside of your home. A variety of other topics, such as vogue, music, style, beauty, etc., are covered.

Aside from that, Kim Fields is the boss at a production firm that finances movies, shows, and other forms of screen entertainment. Kim Fields’ production company goes by the name “Victoria Entertainment,” and it’s widely believed that it’s the source of her vast personal fortune. Consider some of Kim Fields’ money problems.

Kim Fields Financial Troubles
Kim Fields Financial Troubles

Kim Fields Financial Troubles

What is it with the vast majority of A-listers and their refusal to pay their fair share of taxes? Many high-profile people have gotten into difficulties with the law for failing to pay their taxes. As with Kim Fields, this also occurred to her. She allegedly ran afoul of the law for failing to pay her taxes in a prior year.

It has been learned that in 2011, she owed the government $33,200 in back taxes. The figure was $42.2k in 2012 and $136.8k in 2013. An astounding $212,000 was listed as owed in back taxes to the government by the end of 2015 for Kim Fields. Not only that, but she also had a sizable tax bill from 2009 that she hadn’t paid: $155,300.

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