Khazar Momeni Husband: Know Everything About Dr. Dino Elyassnia?

Although Khazar Momeni has kept a low profile, it is known that she owns a property in the Millennium Tower. She was born in Iran but moved to the US as a young girl. She doesn’t frequently appear in public but has been seen on Elyassnia’s social media profiles and in a few lifestyle publications.

The sudden death of the founder, Bob Lee, shocked the world. Recent court documents have shed light on the circumstances surrounding his passing, demonstrating that IT consultant Nima Momeni was responsible for his murder. Momeni appears to have had a problem with Lee’s friendship with Khazar Momeni, who happens to be Dr. Dino Elyassnia’s wife and Momeni’s sister.

Khazar Momeni Husband: Know Everything About Dr. Dino Elyassnia?

Who is Khazar Momeni Husband?

Famous plastic surgeon Dr. Dino Elyassnia is wed to Khazar Momeni. Nima Momeni, the brother of Khazar, was accused of killing Cashapp’s creator Bob Lee. In 2013, Dr. Dino and Khazar married and moved into a stunning apartment in San Francisco near Lee’s body.

Dr. Dino Elyassnia was born in Iran and raised in Elysium before moving to the United States. At the University of Southern California Medical School, he continued his education and chose to pursue a career in plastic surgery. He currently works at the Plastic Surgery Marten Clinic.

Although Dr. Dino initially thought about becoming a heart surgeon, he decided to study medicine since his two surgeon relatives supported him. Dr. Dino Elyassnia received much attention after the fight with Khazar between Nima Momeni and Bob Lee. The police claim that Nima and Lee spoke over the phone about Khazar, and Nima asked about their relationship.

Nima took Lee to a lonely location in San Francisco on the tragic night of his murder, when he fatally stabbed him with a kitchen knife. Nima had brought the knife from his own home, according to police investigations, which indicated that the murder was planned out in advance. According to court documents, Khazar texted Lee around the time of the murder to see how he was doing.

Khazar Momeni Husband’s Name

Famous plastic surgeon Dr. Dino Elyassnia is wed to Khazar Momeni. Unfortunately, Bob Lee, the acclaimed inventor of Cashapp, was murdered, and Nima Momeni, Khazar’s brother, was accused of the crime. On the other hand, Dr. Dino initially thought about becoming a heart surgeon. His two surgeon uncles, though, significantly impacted his decision to pursue a career in medicine. He set out to become an accomplished plastic surgeon after receiving their encouragement.

Age of Khazar Momeni

Khazar Momeni, who is between 32 and 35, has purposefully kept a low profile. Therefore there isn’t much known about her. She moved to the US as a young child after being born in Iran. There isn’t much information available about her professional life. However, Hoss Zaré, the Iranian-American restaurant owner of the Fly Trap, claimed in an interview that Khazar occasionally went there with her friends for a night out.

Zaré said she would tell the cook how much she appreciated him. Furthermore, Khazar and her brother were described as “very nice, super social people” in an interview with The San Francisco Standard by a man who met them through a dating app in 2019.

Khazar Momening Age Difference with Husband

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Dino Elyassnia, 45, has always enjoyed being in the spotlight and has used social media to display his skill at improving noses and necks. He has also expressed openly how much he adores his lovely wife, Khazar Momeni. Their lives, however, took an unexpected turn this week when Nima Momeni, the brother of Khazar, was detained for the murder of Bob Lee, a software executive and the founder of the Cash App.

Due to the terrible incident, the pair became the subject of new media attention as prosecutors raised the possibility of a relationship between Khazar and Lee. Khazar and Dr. Elyassnia arrived at the San Francisco Superior Court amid a flurry of reporters, photographers, and videographers on Friday, April 14, when Nima Momeni made his first court appearance.

With her vast expensive sunglasses, black top, white bottoms, and chic pale yellow pointed shoes, Khazar Momeni, 37, caught much attention. She was holding a clutch bag covertly under the sleeve of her long, black coat. AAmid the chaos, Dr. Elyassnia, standing by her side and wearing a dark suit, held her hand firmly. Besides Dr. Elyassnia’s quick “no comment” remark, neither interacted with reporters.

The pair, once the focus of beautiful features in lifestyle magazines, is currently at the heart of a murder investigation and making headlines worldwide in news outlets. Court records suggest that a dispute with Khazar Momeni may have led to the deadly stabbing, even though they are not currently charged.

wiki Khazar Momeni

2013 saw the marriage of Khazar and Dr. Dino. Before his family relocated to the US, the latter, who is of Assyrian and Armenian descent, resided in Iran and Eastern Europe. He attended the University of South California Medical School to further his study after moving to California as a child, where he successfully earned a degree in cosmetic surgery.

Currently working at the Marten Clinic of Plastic Surgery, where he has become known for his proficiency in rhinoplasty, is Dr. Dino Elyassnia. His services come with a hefty price tag; according to the clinic receptionist, nose jobs at the facility start at $18,000. Nima Momemi is currently facing the possibility of receiving a sentence ranging from 26 years to life in prison if proven guilty. On April 25, he will be prosecuted.

Family of Khazar Momeni

Dr. Dino Elyassnia, a plastic surgeon, embraced the spotlight by bragging about his wife, Khazar Momeni, and exhibiting his transforming work on social media. However, the emphasis on the gorgeous couple was unexpectedly changed by her brother Nima Momeni’s recent arrest concerning the killing of software executive and founder of the Cash App Bob Lee.

The prosecution attracted new scrutiny by suggesting that Khazar and Lee may be dating. Khazar Momeni and Dr. Dino arrived at the San Francisco Superior Court on Nima Momeni’s maiden court appearance, surrounded by reporters, photographers, and videographers.

Khazar, dressed in a black top, white pants, pale yellow pointed shoes, and enormous designer sunglasses, caught everyone’s attention. Under the sleeve of her long, black coat, she grasped what appeared to be a clutch. Dr. Dino, dressed in a dark suit, gripped her hand firmly and showed apparent symptoms of worry despite the confusion. Elyassnia’s quick “no comment” was the only interaction the two had with the media in attendance.

Age of Khazar Momeni’s husband

The 45-year-old Elyassnia’s portrayal of himself in his social media posts, comments on gossip publications, and interview published in the San Francisco issue of the lifestyle publication Haute Living couldn’t be more false.

Elyassnia and his family emigrated to the US during the Iranian Revolution; he was born into an Assyrian and Armenian family in Iran. After growing up in California and concentrating on cosmetic surgery, he attended the University of Southern California Medical School to further his education.

Khazar Momeni Husband Wiki

Khazar Momeni’s spouse In the early hours of April 4, according to Wiki Prosecutors, Nima Momeni is suspected of fatally stabbing Lee after confronting him about his alleged inappropriate behavior involving his sister and drug use. According to court documents, a friend of Lee told the police that he wasn’t sure whether Khazar Momeni and Lee had an intimate relationship. Still, it seemed their marriage was having problems.


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