Kevin Costner Dating: Is He Married in 2022?

Kevin Costner, the star of Yellowstone, is the very epitome of a movie star. The 65-year-old has spent over three decades in Hollywood, during which time he has featured in and directed numerous critically acclaimed films like Field of Dreams and The Bodyguard.

However, Kevin considers fatherhood to be his most important responsibility. Kevin and John Dutton are both loving and dedicated fathers, but their approaches to child-rearing couldn’t be more different. Kevin recently commented to IndieWire that if John keeps making the same mistakes, people would lose faith in him even as a character.

The Golden Globe winner and his wife Christine Baumgartner have a blended family and spend their free time relaxing on their Aspen property. Learn the ins and outs of Kevin’s family life by reading the following:

Kevin and Cindy Silva tie the knot in 1975

Kevin, when only 22, wed Cindy Silva, a classmate at California State University, Fullerton. The two went on their first official date to see Funny Girl, and then Kevin brought Cindy home to meet his folks. I was very honoured that she agreed to go out with me,” he told People. That’s what I told them: The pair got married after dating for only two years. To celebrate the premiere of For Love of the Game in 1999, Joe, Annie, and Lily were joined by Kevin Costner.

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In 1984, Kevin and Cindy had a baby girl whom they name Annie.

Clayton, Anne “Niece” was born on April 15th, 1984. Kevin’s oldest son made history by becoming the first of his family to carry on the family business. The Brown alum who made the Discovery documentary Racing Extinction also started the production business Sound Off Films, which specializes in making similar documentaries and natural history-themed films.

Annie and her producing partner Adrienne Hall have been busy since 2015, having collaborated with Katy Perry, ESPN, Red Bull, and others. Her father’s pride in his daughter is palpable: “She gets by solely on her wits. She’s nothing but a source of joy and satisfaction for me “In 2014, he made this claim to The Huffington Post. Annie and Danny Cox tied the knot in a small, low-key outdoor ceremony in 2016.

Who Is Kevin Costner dating?

Christine Baumgartner is Kevin Costner’s wife right now. Their relationship began in the year 2000, making their total time together 22 years, 2 months, and 10 days. American Cinema Actor John Travolta was born on January 18, 1955, in Lynwood, California.

Longtime actor whose most notable roles were in the films Field of Dreams, The Untouchables, and Bull Durham. He won Best Director and Best Picture Oscars for his work in the 1990 classic Dances with Wolves, in which he also appeared.

About The Relationship

By 2022, Kevin Costner had married Christine Baumgartner. They started dating in the year 2000. She’s a Pisces, and he’s a Libra. It’s usually agreed that Capricorn and Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces are the most compatible signs, while Aries and Libra are the least. Kevin Baumgartner is 67 years old, and his wife Christine is 48.

At least eighteen previous relationships have been documented in Kevin Costner’s profile on CelebsCouples. He’s never been married before. For almost 22 years, 2 months, and 10 days, Kevin Costner has been seeing Christine Baumgartner. Kevin Costner will turn 68 years old in 96 days. Visit FamousDetails to learn the top 10 information about Kevin Costner.

About Kevin Costner’s Wife

Christine Baumgartner, Kevin Costner’s wife, was born in California on March 4, 1974. She is 48 years old now and a Pisces by zodiac sign. The fashion industry has come to recognize Christine Baumgartner mostly for her work as a model. Like me, she was born in the Year of the Tiger.

Our users verify all profiles and dating histories for accuracy. To ensure that our dating statistics and user biographies are correct, we use only publicly available data and resources.

Who Are Kevin Costner’s Ex-Girlfriends?

If you’re interested in learning more about Kevin Costner’s alleged romantic interests and activities, despite his efforts to keep his private life private (like those of most celebrities), be sure to check back here frequently for updates.

Cindy Costner was Kevin Costner’s first wife, however, he has also been married to Naomi Watts and Anna Faris (1978 – 1994). Before he met Christine Baumgartner, he had at least eighteen other girlfriends. Kevin Costner is currently single.

Tawny Little (1997–1998), Elle Macpherson (1996), Courteney Cox (1995), Bridget Rooney (1994–1997), Halle Berry (1989), and Christine Dennard (1989) are just a few of the women Kevin Costner has dated (1982 – 1987). We are now conducting research into past encounters and dates.

The rumours about Kevin Costner’s alleged former relationships online are inconsistent. It’s easy to learn who Kevin Costner is seeing at any one time, but it’s more difficult to keep up with all of his affairs. Even more challenging is maintaining an accurate and up-to-date record of every famous couple.

Kevin’s Affair-Filled Marriage To Cindy Silva

Two marriages later, Kevin Costner filed for divorce in 1994. His first marriage was to his college love Cindy Silva; he recently divorced her and is now happily married to Christine. However, Kevin has been the subject of numerous rumours and relationships, both short- and long-term, since 1994.

As a result, he is now known as a “notorious playboy” and “ladies’ man.” Soon, we will discuss his numerous romantic and professional commitments. Pfeiffer, Berry, and Reznick, with Karin. The majority of these people achieved widespread notoriety in the late ’90s, so I do not doubt that you will recognize at least a few of their names.

Who Are Kevin Costner's Ex-Girlfriends?
Who Are Kevin Costner’s Ex-Girlfriends?

It’s also difficult, though not impossible, to recall the year and the precise dates of his rumour and connection. Kevin and Cindy got married in 1978 after dating for a while. The duo claimed their instant chemistry and attraction to one another after meeting for the first time in Dancing with Wolves.

They Had a Seemingly Happy Marriage At First

In their first year of marriage, everything appeared to be going swimmingly. Kevin and Cindy have taken it a step further by purchasing a racehorse, which they have named “Proudtobetogether.” That’s cute, right?!

Together, they had three children: Joe, Lily, and Annie. Even though they appeared to have a very happy marriage, it ended rapidly. On the other hand, Kevin didn’t wait too long to start dating again. Announcing the divorce in 1994, he immediately began his “hunting” adventure.

The split did not come as much of a surprise. Kevin, while still married, admitted in the interview that he despised “living by somebody else’s rules.” In addition, he admitted that the allure of another lady (or perhaps several women) was too much to resist.

It’s a hungry world out there, and the temptations are high. This means that even a small amount of experimentation comes at a high cost. When asked by the Daily News about the split, the actor said, “Marriage is a hard, hard gig.”

However, this contradicts what he claimed in a different interview. He once said of Cindy, with whom he was just beginning his life, that she was “everything about women that I enjoy.” OK, so I take it that didn’t last very long, Kevin. Kevin believes that he is a playboy, and not just because other people think so.

Many news outlets have speculated that Kevin’s infidelity was the main cause of the divorce (because there were too many rumours about him going out and about with other famous names during his marriage, but he never admitted it).

Kevin never explained to the press why he and his wife were divorcing, although he did insist that there had been no marital strife. Kevin and Cindy remained friends and committed to raising their children together.

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