Kendall Jenner’s Toy Story At Viral Cucumber-Cutting Moment Halloween Costume

Kendall Jenner captioned a photo of herself wearing a cucumber costume, “I’m giving away fruits and veggies tonight.” Kendall Jenner isn’t embarrassed to make fun of herself. The model, 26, dressed as a cucumber for Halloween and parodied a famous scene from a Kardashians episode from May.

This is her second Halloween weekend costume that she has worn. With cheeky Y/Project denim belted bottoms, a cropped button-up with yellow and red embellishments, and a red wide-brimmed cowgirl hat from Gladys Tamez Millinery, Kendall also presented her seductive version of Toy Story’s Jessie.

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She complemented her cucumber costume with a fake kitchen knife, green spandex leggings, and vivid green eyeshadow. She wrote, “I’m giving out fruits and veggies tonight,” as the caption of a photo of herself on Instagram while wearing the costume.

The Kardashian sister Khloé commented, “You won the prize,” on her post. Hailey Bieber typed “Cryin,” while Kim Kardashian responded with three laughing-crying emojis.

Additionally, Kendall showcased the outfit on TikTok with a video that featured Lindsay Lohan’s character from Mean Girls saying, “In girl land, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can look like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

In the viral incident that served as the inspiration for the Halloween costume, Kendall visited her mother, Kris Jenner, and started to make herself a snack after turning down her mother’s offer to have their chef prepare one for her.

She cut the cucumber clumsily, holding the knife in one hand and the end in the other, and at one point, crossed her palms over her chest. Her mother had previously told her, “I’m not a good cutter, so don’t zoom in on me,” she said, looking at the camera and admitting that she was “kind of terrified.” I am not professional.”

When she released a TikTok video from their sister Kourtney Kardashian’s Italian wedding to Travis Barker and joked, “Me and cucumber chick,” Kylie Jenner’s sister also made fun of the viral event. Jenner responded to comments in a post by writing “Tragic!” after the incident gained popularity online.

The creator of 818 Tequila received criticism in May during a “Kardashians” episode for not knowing how to cut a cucumber. Despite Jenner’s family’s assertion that she was “not happy” with the online criticism, the model was able to mock the circumstance on social media in the days that followed, calling it “tragic.”

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