Kelsey Plum Husband: Is She Dating D’Angelo Russell?

After rumours circulated that Kelsey Plum was married to some unknown man named “Josh,” she addressed the rumours head-on. Kelsey Plum, a 27-year-old WNBA superstar, is presently a member of the Las Vegas Aces. Kelsey Plum’s stock has risen since the Aces have been performing well so far in the 2022 season, including their recent victory over the Los Angeles Sparks

There has been a natural swell of curiosity in Kelsey Plum’s private life, and one of the most peculiar parts of her existence is the widespread belief that she is already married. Let’s investigate the uncertainty surrounding Kelsey Plum’s romantic status while the Aces continue to win.

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Early Life And Family

American WNBA star Kelsey Plum was born in the city of Poway, California. Both Jim Plum and Katie Plum are her parents. Given that both of Kesley’s parents competed at the highest levels of their respective sports, Kesley’s athletic upbringing is nothing new.

Her mother was an accomplished volleyball player, and her father excelled at football and baseball. When her dad was a football player in La Mesa, California, he was named to the All-American team (School Football). He continued his athletic career at San Diego State, where he starred in both football and baseball.

Further, Katie’s mom was a varsity volleyball player at UNC-Davis. At the university level, she excelled in athletics. It makes sense now why Kelsey, of all things, gravitated toward athletics. What’s more, she isn’t the only one who has gone this route. The two older sisters of Kelsey’s, Kaitlyn and Lauren, are also professional volleyball players like their mom.

Although he is less well-known, Plum has a brother named Daniel Plum who starred in football at UC Davis. Both Kaitlyn and Lauren have played collegiate volleyball, with the former representing UC Davis and the latter representing Oregon and the USA Junior National Team.

For her part, Plum attended La Jolla Country Day School for her primary and secondary schooling. At that restaurant, she was honoured as a McDonald’s All-American. After that, she started attending UW. Also in June 2017, Plum received her bachelor’s degree in anthropology.

Is Kelsey Plum In A Relationship?
Is Kelsey Plum In A Relationship?

Is Kelsey Plum Dating D’Angelo Russell?

D’Angelo Russell and Plum were rumoured to be dating. Russell is a professional basketball player for the United States. The couples were observed having a romantic weekend together on May 25 at Protein House in Las Vegas.

They appeared to be having romantic interactions when they were observed. They’re also connected on Instagram with a mutual following. Every time they were seen together, they seemed to be having a great time. Following D’Angelo Russel’s breakup with fiancée Gabby Engersgaard, the two were spotted out and about together.

Is Kelsey Plum In A Relationship Or Does She Have A Husband?

Kelsey Plum addressed the situation to set the record straight after rumours that she had a strange husband named “Josh” spread like wildfire online. Kelsey Plum’s private life will inevitably be scrutinized, but the common assumption that she is already married is a fascinating twist. While the Aces keep winning, let’s examine the love situation that Kelsey Plum finds herself in.

Kelsey Plum elaborated on the current state of her romantic relationships in an earlier tweet this year. When asked, Plum admitted that she and Josh have never had a romantic relationship. In addition, she is now single.

On Twitter, Plum made it clear that she is not married and has never been married, writing, “[She doesn’t know] where that sprang from but let’s set the record straight, She isn’t married nor has she ever been.” However, she cannot help but wonder who this mysterious person is.

Multiple media outlets have assumed that Josh is Plum’s husband. No other information about their relationship or Josh’s identity has been provided in these publications. Unreliable sources have claimed that the Aces player and his wife were high school sweethearts, but she has disputed that this is the truth.

Kelsey Plum’s “mystery man” tweet sparked a barrage of memes from her followers, who had their jokes to make about the issue. Married to the game, you know what it is, as one Twitter user put it.

Kelsey Plum’s Salary, And Net Worth 2022

According to estimates, Kelsey Plum had a net worth of about $1,000,000 in 2022. She also excelled as a professional basketball player, spending time with many WNBA franchises. As a result of her dominance on the court, she has amassed an impressive record of academic accomplishment.

Other than that, there is hardly any information available concerning her salary, endorsements, or other sources of income. Kelsey Plum’s annual salary was in the ballpark of $57,000 in 2019. Due to recent compensation adjustments, she may have experienced a rise in both income and wealth. A two-year, $350,000 contract between the Aces and Kelsey was finalized on May 15, 2020.

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