Kareem Abdul Jabbar Wife: Why Did His Wife Separate From Him?

Most people remember Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the NBA’s career scoring leader, but they don’t know much about Kareem Abdul Jabbar Wife or his personal life. Habiba Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem’s wife, was born Janice Brown in the United States. Habiba’s birth date is a mystery, however, she was born to Christian parents.

It has been speculated that Kareem and Habiba met while they were both attending university. Kareem Abdul-wife Jabbar became a Muslim after the couple tied the knot. Habiba’s name was changed to Habiba Abdul-Jabbar at this time. On May 28th, 1971, the couple exchanged wedding vows.

Both Kareem and Habiba were active in the NBA at the time; Habiba was a fashion designer and Kareem was with the Milwaukee Bucks. Their marriage had a bumpy start because Kareem had emotions for another woman but was convinced to marry Habiba by his religious leader.

It has also been said that Kareem’s Abdul-parents Jabbar’s brides were not invited to their wedding since they were not Muslims. Their daughter’s wedding was conducted in a mosque, and as devout Christians, her parents were not allowed inside. Habiba’s parents resented Kareem very much as a result of this.

Habiba’s parents made the trip from New York to Washington, DC specifically to celebrate their daughter’s wedding. The parents of Kareem and Habiba were able to work out their differences. Habiba, Sultana, and Kareem Jr. were the offspring of Kareem and Habiba’s union. They were together for a short time, unfortunately.

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Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Wife

Kareem Abdul Jabbar dated Cheryl Pistono for seven years. It has been widely reported that she was previously married to the ex-footballer and that he even referred to her as his “ex-wife,” but this is not the case. When Cheryl and Kareem first met in 1977, Cheryl was not at all interested in him because he was ten years her senior.

She also didn’t care for basketball and was generally unfriendly towards those who were always trying to win at everything. However, Kareem never failed to express his love for her. Kareem and Habiba were still legally married, but he was not living with her at the time due to their disagreements.

He claimed that Cheryl was the most influential person in his life and the most crucial. That’s why Cheryl had to persuade him to file for divorce from Habiba. Kareem did file for divorce. This marked the official end of their romance, which lasted until 1984 when they finally went their separate ways.

However, Cheryl claims that the two are still close despite their breakup. The exes did not comment on the reason for their split. Cheryl had custody of their son, Amir Abdul Kareem when she and Kareem broke up. Amir’s birthday is November 18, 1980, making him 42 years old right now.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar's Wife
Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Wife

He completed medical school at UCSF and is currently an orthopedic and spinal surgeon in Southern California. Cheryl is now married to Steven Jenkins; they have two daughters and a son named Jesse, Taaj, and Brianna, while Kareem Abdul remains unmarried.

Why Did Kareem Abdul-jabbar’s Wife Separate From Him?

Kareem Abdul-wife Jabbar lived apart from him for two years beginning in 1973, even though they were still legally married. Habiba, who was carrying their second child, eventually gave birth to another daughter with him. They were married for seven years, but she filed for divorce in 1978.

A possible cause of Kareem Abdul-divorce Jabbar is his wife’s distaste for his social circle. This allegedly involves his association with criminal gangs. This also includes Kareem’s relationship with Cheryl Pistono, with whom he had a son named Amir. Even though Cheryl Pistono and Kareem got engaged afterward, they never actually tied the knot and instead ended up breaking up.

Kareem has not remarried as of this writing. Although Abdul-Jabbar and his wife divorced, reports say they have remained close. They have raised three adult children together. Habiba, their eldest child, apparently works as a journalist. Their son, Kareem Jr., also became a professional basketball player like his dad.

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