Kaleidoscope Ending Explained: Who Was Nazan Abassi’s Murderer?

Here we are talking about Kaleidoscope Ending Explained. Kaleidoscope, a movie starring Giancarlo Esposito, was chosen by Netflix to kick off the new year in one of its most unusually structured programming lineups in recent memory. The suspenseful thriller follows a motley crew of thieves attempting to commit one of the greatest heists in recorded history.

The eight episodes are ordered randomly across all Netflix accounts, adding freshness to the series and allowing creator Eric Garcia to provide each viewer with a unique perspective on the events in the chronology leading up to and following the robbery. However, the series’ final hour always finishes on the “White” episode, where the actual theft occurs, regardless of the order in which you watch the episodes.

Some viewers might be a little more perplexed about what happens to all of the characters due to the decision to plot the show in this manner. We’re trying to simplify the situation so you can better comprehend what transpired during the robbery, who received the $7 billion, and what happened to the crew members that carried out the plan. Let’s begin!

Has the Heist Been a Success?

Your definition of success will determine how you respond to this question. It was a success if you’re considering whether the money was taken without law enforcement capturing the thieves in the act. Giancarlo Esposito’s character Leo and his team successfully carried out their plan to steal the $7 billion in bearer bonds.

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It’s satisfying to witness this process for the theft enthusiasts out there. The most ambitious and resourceful plan put into action by Leo and his gang members is probably Leo using a mask that exactly mimics Roger Salas’ (Rufus Sewell) facial features to get into the vault. Bees are used to block the gait sensor inside the building, the safe underground area is flooded to bring the temperature back to normal, and other creative methods are used as well. The billions have been acquired, and no one has been apprehended. However, there is still a lot of money to split up!

Who Receives the Money?

Hannah Kim (Tati Gabrielle), Leo’s daughter, decides to sabotage the scheme by stealing the money before it can be transferred to the truck RJ (Jordan Mendoza) will use to leave the premises. To ensure that everyone’s lives return to normal, she wants to distribute the bonds back into the wealthy elite’s income streams.

Nobody on the crew receives the money they anticipated receiving. Instead, they are given the few thousand dollars apiece that Hannah had left over after paying the team so that no one would suspect her of anything. The heist was a dismal failure by this standard of success. It becomes even more apparent that these characters’ decisions were terrible when considering what happened to them after the crime.

Kaleidoscope Ending Explained: What Happens to Leo?

Leo Pap, originally Ray Vernon, is the snake’s head and controls everything during the play. He has a sad conclusion befitting a man of his stature and temperament. Leo is somewhat a product of the mid-to-late 2000s TV anti-hero trend. Leo is a family man and a girl dad who couldn’t control his need to take things that don’t belong to him, much like Walter White or Tony Soprano.

In the “Pink” episode, the character’s destiny is made clear. About six months have passed since the heist’s first hour. Due to a condition that is probably Parkinson’s disease, Leo is currently living with severe physical impairments. He can have one final conversation with his daughter, see his grandchild over the phone, and find the emotional closure he desperately sought as a father.

As befits an anti-hero, Leo also receives his just desserts. In the episode’s climactic sequence, he appears to be shot and murdered by a man sporting a multicolored shirt. Who is this unidentified killer? You’ll recall the gunman is the son of Roger Salas if you pay attention to his outfit. Even though Roger will now serve years in prison due to Leo hiding a stolen jewelry item in his safe for the FBI to find, it appears that Roger obtained the vicarious retribution he sought.

What Happened to the Rest of the Crew?

Aside from Leo/Ray, the crew members’ outcomes range from having a respectable life after the theft to being shot dead by FBI agents on a beach. Let’s take it one at a time, as there are many people to keep track.

Kaleidoscope Ending Explained

Roger Salas

Speaking of Roger, a.k.a. Graham Davies, he spent his later years in prison for various crimes, but mainly for the theft of a precious necklace decades earlier. He was Leo’s old criminal accomplice before becoming the victim of a robbery. As was already established, Leo planted this unique as retaliation during the heist in Roger’s safe. When Bob Goodwin (Jai Courtney) is shot and killed by the government at the end of the “Pink” episode, Leo’s attempt to make a deal with him in prison fails.

Bob Goodwin

The show’s most irate character only cared about getting his wife, Judy, back from Stan. Bob only thought about himself. He was enticed onto a South Carolina beach hoping to kill Stan, but instead, he was bleeding out in the sand. His goal to keep Judy in an abusive relationship and repeat the same behavior was put to a deserving end.

Judy Goodwin and Stan Loomis

Stan was a seasoned criminal, but as their relationship deepened throughout the heist’s planning, it became clear that he still had some respect for Judy. The two will likely live without any fear from the organization due to Bob’s death, but they won’t probably travel together.

Judy seems tired of Stan’s new, unremarkable way of life. Judy discovers the money Bob received from Roger inside Bob’s vehicle. With this monies, she leaves everyone and starts over on her own.

Ava Mercer

After Leo’s wife perished in an enormous fire 24 years before the crime, Ava took on a romantic role for Leo. She was the sole member of the crew Leo wanted to keep in touch with after the heist, but she was murdered in the “Pink” episode by a thug working for Bob. Another approach to showing the damage Leo caused to others just by association was through this.

RJ Acosta

RJ was surprised by the only person who appeared to admire him. RJ was the whipping post of the crew, who grew acquainted with Judy throughout their time preparing the theft. Bob forces Judy to steal the bonds with him during the heist, leaving the rest of the group behind. RJ threatens to kill Bob when he realizes what is happening, even shooting him in the leg.

To stop RJ from harming Bob anymore, Judy knocks him down. A relatively innocent spectator in the entire operation met a sad end. Therefore, when six months have elapsed since the heist, most of the criminal crew members are already deceased. This suggests that Kaleidoscope won’t be a series with multiple seasons but more of a one-off mini-series.

Who Was Nazan Abassi’s Murderer? Ray Vernon: is He Alive or Dead?

We think that Ava had a mole inside the FBI and was trying to pull Nazan off the case through him, even though it wasn’t proven incontrovertibly. Samuel, who frequently collaborated with Nazan and had a close relationship with her, might have been Ava’s informant.

Samuel had informed Nazan that Ava would be meeting a contact in Bushwick. Nazan would have to travel there by herself, according to Samuel, who stated that he had an urgent business to attend to. Nazan was drugged that night, hurting her personal and professional lives.

Because she was so tenacious and obstinate, Samuel may have wanted her to drop the case from the start but kept putting up obstacles to get her to give up. Nazan had developed an infatuation with Ava and Ray, and perhaps Samuel had concluded that the only way to stop her from pursuing them was to murder her.

It’s also conceivable that the Triplets planned the whole event because they didn’t want to risk Nazan discovering any dirt on them. They were delaying her for a considerable amount of time, and perhaps they concluded that unless and until they took action, Nazan wouldn’t give up on the case so quickly.

When an unidentified elderly guy shook Nazan’s hand, she immediately collapsed. Alternatively, it’s also conceivable that Hannah hired a killer to take her life because she knew her father wouldn’t be safe until she was gone.

Although we don’t know whether Nazan passed away or became unconscious, our objective of getting her to abandon her mission was successful. After Season 1 of “Kaleidoscope,” Bob’s goon shot Ava and her nanny, Teresa, while Ray merely sat there lamenting his loss.

After calling his daughter, he decided to become the man his wife wanted him to be. An unknown individual shot Ray just as we were beginning to feel some optimism amid the numerous tragedies.

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