K-Pop Singer Lee Ji-Han Died At 24 In Seoul Crowd Crush, South Korea

In Saturday’s horrific crowd crush in Itaewon, Seoul, actors Lee Ji-han and former cheerleader Kim Yu-na perished. The 24-year-death old’s was officially announced Monday by Lee’s agency, 935 Entertainment.

The news of Lee’s passing was first made public the day before through social media posts made by other former contestants of “Produce 101,” the fan-voted survival show that made his name famous on Mnet in season 2 (2017).

In a statement, the agency said, “Our much-loved actor Lee has departed us.” “He had a good disposition and a big heart. Incredibly, we can’t see this any longer because we still recall him smiling at everyone he encountered.”

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Although his cause of death was not stated in the announcement, agency representatives clarified that Lee Ji-Han had died due to the Itaewon crowd crush. Lee started his career in a web sitcom in 2019, where he played a high school student who is crazy about ramen after leaving “Produce 101” and switching to acting.

The sports circle claims that Kim, 24 years old, was another catastrophe victim. In 2016 and 2018, she supported the LG Twins and KIA Tigers, respectively, as a baseball cheerleader. The nation’s entertainment sector has cancelled weekly events and celebrations to support the national day of sorrow for the terrible victims.

Breaking news is now broadcasted by broadcasters in place of entertainment programming. With the promise of starting up again the following week, several YouTube channels have postponed publishing any new entertainment-related content.

Additionally, press events and fan gatherings have been postponed by the film business. While “Confession” players postponed a guest visit event the day before, the production team of “Men of Plastic,” starring Ma Dong-seok, postponed their press conference for the upcoming movie scheduled for Monday.

Releases of albums and showcases for promotional material scheduled for this Sunday or the remainder of the week are postponed by singers. The list includes Yong Jun-hyung, Jung Eun-ji, Chen from EXO, and Jin from BTS.

While many Korean celebrities sent their condolences to the victims, numerous global celebrities also participated in the grief. On Twitter, X Japan’s singer Yoshiki said, “Tragic news from Korea is heartbreaking. Please know I’m praying for the victim’s loved ones.”

Additionally, tweeting was American actress Jamie Lee Curtis’s “tragic event in Seoul. The death of many youngsters who would have celebrated with one another in freedom. Keep them, and their families close during Halloween celebrations in our respective groupings and manners.”

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