Justin Jefferson Girlfriend: How Much Money Does Tianna Harris Have?

Learn more about Justin Jefferson, including who he is dating, in this post. Football fanatics in Minnesota may recognize the name Justin Joshua Jefferson as a wide receiver for the team. He was born on June 16, 1999. Peach Bowl MVP Justin Jefferson caught 14 passes for 227 yards and four scores against the Oklahoma Sooners.

There were four total touchdowns in the game, matching a bowl game record and setting a new benchmark for a College Football Playoff game, all of which came in the first half. National champions Alabama won the game 42-25 over Clemson, and Justin Jefferson had nine catches for 106 yards.

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Who Is Tianna Harris? Justin Jefferson Girlfriend

Kent State University’s Tianna Harris plays soccer. Mississippi State was where Justin Jefferson’s ex-girlfriend enrolled first. She was a part of Mississippi State’s first-ever NCAA Tournament team and appeared in two games, logging a combined 12 minutes of playing time.

She later won two Ontario Soccer League championships while playing club soccer for FC Durham. The whole 2019 season, she started all 18 games she played in. Against Butler (September 15), Ball State (October 24), and Ohio, she logged the most minutes played (1,683) and scored the most goals (3). (October 31).

Tianna has took nine shots and scored four goals in 101 minutes of action for Western Michigan (September 28). The spring season in 2021 only consisted of seven games, and she played in every one of them from the opening tip. Against Ohio on March 18th, she had two shots, one of which went in.

After guiding Kent State to two consecutive shutouts to begin the season, the soccer player was selected to TopDrawerSoccer.com’s National Team of the Week. About three thousand people follow Harris, who uses the handle @tiannasheaxo on Instagram. The player is very active on Instagram, and her photos frequently go viral.

Justin Jefferson and Tianna Harris — Are They Married?

There has been no wedding between Tianna Harris and Justin Jefferson. They haven’t signaled any interest in tying the knot in the near future, so it seems unlikely that they want to do so. Given that they are both still in their early twenties, they may place more value on their professional development than on starting a family.

Tianna and Justin encourage each other to put forth more effort at their respective jobs. Dates for weddings and engagements can be discussed when the time is right, but for now the couple is just dating.

Justin has amassed a following of roughly 1 million people on Instagram under the name @jjettas2. The player is not one to often update his followers with personal snapshots of his life. Their mutual attractiveness has made their fans eager to spot them in public together.

Are Justin Jefferson and Tianna Harris Married?
Are Justin Jefferson and Tianna Harris Married?

How Rich Is Tianna Harris? How Much Money Does She Have?

It’s estimated that Tianna Harris is worth over $100,000 and that she’s doing rather well for herself financially. She was the MAC Defensive Player of the Year and to the USC All-Midwest First Team that season. She received honors from the Ohio Collegiate Soccer Association and the Mid-American Conference by being named to their respective first teams (OCSA).

Harris scored four times and had one assist for nine points. She now has as many points as three other players on the team combined. She scored the winning goal twice, including the overtime winner versus Miami by heading in a corner kick (Oct. 14) On the other hand, Justin Jefferson, her partner, is rumored to be rich millions.

The Minnesota Vikings and Justin settled on a four-year, $13,122,805 contract that comprised a signing bonus of $7,103,856 and yearly salaries of $3,280,701. His starting pay in 2022 will be $1,802,982. There will be a cap value of $7,754,383 and a cap hit of $3,578,946 for him.

Foxworth is noted for his comedic timing while appearing as a guest or host on several ESPN TV series and other TV shows, but with his own show, he is trying something new. This week’s Foxworth theme can be seen on Mike Golic Jr.’s digital broadcast at GoJo on Friday.

Up until this moment, he remarked, the show had been fantastic, but he anticipated having to deal with two issues in order to offer the audience his best. Before becoming a spotter, Domonic was a soccer player. His NFL career began in 2005, when he was selected by the Denver Mustangs in Round 3 of the draft. Foxworth also brings a family life to the table by marrying attorney Ashley Munning.

After marrying fellow attorney Domonique Foxworth, Ashley Foxworth follows on her footsteps. His girlfriend, the attorney Ashley Monitor, also works in the forensics division. Domonique and his significant other met when they were both in high school. According to the language service, he spent some time teaching English to ninth and tenth graders at DC’s Coolidge High School as part of Educate for America.

At the end of the spring semester of her second year at American College, Ashley completed all of the requirements for her Master of Education degree. In the upcoming academic year, she intends to enroll at Harvard University’s Teacher’s College.

A degree was something she considered, but she ultimately decided to pursue doctoral studies. Throughout high school, she focused her elective studies on topics like social justice and activism in preparation for a career in social change.

At Stone Edge, the small all-girls Catholic high school where she flipped every week, Ashley also participated in a program called “Social Activity.” Each week, students are given assignments to complete at home for half a day.

Photos from the couple’s startling wedding were shared on marriage websites. Dominic has been with his significant other for over ten years. That wedding photo you see on the site? It was taken on July 16, 2010. They probably went public with their romance that year.

Both Ashley Monitoring and Domonique Foxworth were responsible for ensuring the clarity and importance of details at their festival. These two recent alums of the University of Maryland had a lot of positive things to say about the Ground Floor House of Prayer and Alumni Building. The website presents the couple as attractive and endearing.

They exchanged vows in front of an eclectic mix of loved ones, including those who didn’t know each other well. She considered pursuing a degree in coaching, but ultimately decided to focus on her graduate studies instead. Since she was committed to making improvements in the classroom, she concentrated her elective choices on topics like student rights and curriculum reform.

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