Julia Haart Eating Disorder: What About Her Health Issues?

Is there any indication that Julia Haart suffers from any kind of eating disorder? Health Concerns Raised and Anorexia Predicament Exposed. American designer Julia Haart has been a focal point of media coverage ever since her bitter split from her husband.

Shortly after her divorce from Italian millionaire Silvio Scaglia in February of this year, she made an attempt to get a restraining order. Apparently, Haart’s partner left her in the Tribeca apartment while she was sobbing. Moreover, she states that her spouse treated their kids badly. However, Haart’s case was dismissed by the Supreme Court docket in New York.

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Early Life

Julia Haart was born on April 11, 1971, in Moscow, Russia. When she was three, she moved to New York with her family. They eventually made Monsey, New York, their permanent home. As a child, Julia had already moved to one of New York’s most significant Orthodox communities, where she remained until she was eleven years old.

Her parents adopted its tenets and ultimately converted the rest of the family. In total, Julia is the seventh of eight children. A graduate of Brooklyn, New York’s Bais Yaakov Academy, Julia is an avid shopper.

She had an early passion for the fashion industry, reading fashion publications to teach herself how to sew at the tender age of 16. She became Talia after legally changing her name at the age of 18.

Personal Life

In 2019, Julia Haart tied the knot with Italian tycoon Silvio Scaglia. The two-year marriage of the fashion designer and Scaglia came to an end in February 2022 due to the designer’s allegations of abuse by her husband. For nearly two decades, Haart was married to Yosef Hendler.

Together, they’ve raised four kids: Batsheva, Shlomo, Miriam, and Aron. Batsheva, her daughter, is a prominent figure on the internet. In 2012, she wed film director Binyamin “Ben” Weinstein; their marriage ended in 2021. The rest of Haart’s offspring live between Manhattan and Monsey with their parents.

How Did Julia Haart Build Her Net Worth?

In 2013, Haart launched Julia Haart Inc., a footwear brand she created. She set out to design a collection of shoes that would be both fashionable and practical. In 2016, after working with La Perla on accessory collections, Julia was chosen to fill the role of creative director for the fashion house.

The “ready-to-wear collection” that Julia created for La Perla was a smashing commercial success. Working there, Julia met her future husband, Silvio Scaglia, an Italian telecom magnate. Scaglia paid $69 million to acquire La Perla in 2013. Scaglia paid $90 million at auction in 2013 to acquire the brand.

Shortly after the pair tied the knot in 2019, Scaglia promoted Haart to CEO of Elite World Group. Scaglia came into trouble with the IRS and was sentenced to time behind bars and house imprisonment for tax evasion.

In 2017, Julia produced a runway show at La Perla Manor that starred Naomi Campbell and Kendall Jenner, among other well-known models. Additionally, Kendall Jenner wore a dress she designed for the Met Gala that same year. As of March 2019, Haart has been serving as CEO of Elite World Group.

She established herself professionally and has most recently entered the realm of television. On the July 2021 episode of “My Unorthodox Life” on Netflix, Julia made an appearance. This show chronicles her time as CEO of The Elite World Group. The play received criticism from members of the local Jewish community due to her casting.

Is Julia Haart Eating Disorder Sufferer?

Many Years ago, Julia Haart adopted the eating disorder on purpose. She had decided to starve to death because she was so sick of the fighting in her family. She also felt that this kind of death did not carry the same terrible implications as suicide.

The decision Haart made led to her losing 73 pounds. Her mental and physical health were both sufferings. However, her children stepped in at the last minute and persuaded her to change her mind, saving her life. The reality star is likely going about her day as usual at this very moment.

The designer hasn’t been coy about her challenges in the fashion industry. When asked how she would have left her village if not for her children, she told Elle magazine, “Honesty, I think the way I would have left my community would have been to murder myself.” my final year before leaving the country. In my diary, I would frequently ask, “How can I cause the least amount of harm to my children?”

When Haart went on, the rest of the sentence continued. I decided to starve to death quietly, without anyone noticing. The speaker explained, “They would assume I only had an eating issue, which is not as big of a stigma in my society,” and that they would view her suicide as a result of that.

Julia Haart Eating Disorder Health Issues
Julia Haart Eating Disorder Health Issues


Which Situation Does Julia Haart Have?

Julia Haart is one of the healthiest Hollywood stars. No sicknesses have been detected in her. Nonetheless, Haart attempted to ruin her health with an eating disorder throughout her trying times. The designer’s demand for commitment was a sign of her poor mental health.

In her Netflix documentary series “My Unorthodox Life,” Haart also discussed the challenges she faced within the Jewish community. The designer has labeled the Jewish neighborhood as fanatical and unorthodox. Haart’s meteoric rise in the fashion industry when she committed herself to spiritual practice eight years ago.

In the future, she established the Elite World Group. Haart read fashion magazines and watched “Intercourse and the Metropolis” for years before she mustered the courage to leave her hometown. She decided to leave her abusive husband as well.

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