Why Did ‘My Unorthodox Life’ Star Julia Haart Divorce?

Julia Haart Divorce: Julia Haart, a fashion designer and mother of four, was first introduced to the public in the first season of Netflix’s My Unorthodox Life. Julia fled her ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Monsey, New York, and now lives in Manhattan.

Viewers got a glimpse into Julia’s lavish travels, pricey wardrobe, and new, opulent life as an executive at one of the top modeling agencies in the world. Julia’s life appeared to be going perfectly towards the conclusion of season one. But in season 2, Julia is abruptly depicted going through a contentious divorce from her husband, Silvio Scaglia, and losing her position as CEO of modeling agency Elite World Group.

Since the beginning of 2022, Julia and Silvio have been engaged in a legal dispute, and the situation is currently rather heated. And a *lot* has happened since the shoot ended months ago. So, what has happened with all those cases, and where is Julia Haart now? What you should know is as follows.

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Julia Haart Divorce

On Netflix‘s “My Unorthodox Life,” Julia Haart made her reality television debut as a terrible mother wearing platform heels last year. With money made from selling life insurance and annuities, she left her ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Monsey, New York, some 36 miles north of New York City, at the age of 42, without telling her first husband, Yosef Hendler.

Nothing about Judaism or religion is involved. In the July 2021 debut of the Netflix series, Haart explained why the mother of four fled. “This has to do with fanaticism,” she stated. In our culture, a woman’s role is essentially to serve her husband and be a machine for producing children.

As the CEO of Elite World Group (a model management organization) and the wife of Silvio Scaglia, a successful businessman who bought EWG in 2011, Haart seemed to have the ideal existence. In the first episode, he informed her, “You’re my life.” “Without you, I won’t survive.”

In Season 2 (now streaming), which was recorded earlier this year, viewers will discover a totally different life for Haart and her children, including Batsheva Haart, 29, Shlomo Haart, 27, Miriam Haart, 22, and Aron Hendler, 16. Batsheva manages her single status, Miriam enters a new relationship, and Haart experiences a second divorce.

Cameras caught Scaglia firing Haart in February, following their decision to end their marriage of two and a half years. He charged her with embezzling money in a battle that was covered by tabloids. The 51-year-old Haart recalls, “There were so many things happening every day that all we could do was just cling on and just move forward.” “There was no time to arrange or make plans. We had to simply endure the bizarre things that happened every day.

She was reminded of her sense of helplessness in Monsey by the weight of Scaglia’s claims, which Haart refutes. “I felt as though (a) man was once more in charge of my life, wrecking me, and destroying everything that I was.”

The former couple has not yet finalized their divorce after exchanging vows in June 2019. According to Haart, she is also contesting a Delaware court’s May determination that EWG does not treat her equally. According to a post-trial note “The evidence shows that Haart never had an equal ownership position in the parent company of EWG, despite the appearance of an equal partnership.

Haart’s burden of proof has not been met “She does. According to Haart, the separation occurred as a result of the way Scaglia treated her kids. When her youngest child, Aron, complained that his stepfather had disregarded him while he was staying at the family’s Tribeca apartment, she came to the conclusion that “divorce is the only choice.”

“My problem is that your life is governed by your children, and I don’t want my life to be (ruled by) your children because I have different ways to life,” Scaglia tells Haart in the Season 2 debut of the show. Aron Just didn’t get it, according to Haart. “Did I do something? he asks,” Is he furious at me?’ And that broke my heart. I couldn’t see that happen.” 

She realized her “wishful thinking that things are going change” and that Scaglia would “fall in love with” her children would never be a reality. “That’s what made me realize that I needed to tell Julia that this man was not going to change. And this has to end if you love your children.

Haart realized that she still had some Monsey mentality in her when it came to dating. According to Miriam, she saw her mother change the tone of her voice and submit to Scaglia. According to Haart, “this whole issue has pushed me to accept that even while I’m a tough cookie at work and I’ve gotten rid of the notion that I’m somehow incapable of functioning from my previous world in my head, I realized that in my personal life I was still the man-pleaser.” 

“I had been raised (thinking) that my only function in life was to be a man’s servant and to obey him. It was his needs and worries that were my undivided attention if I wanted to be a holy woman.” Even lately, she found herself evaluating males she wasn’t interested in after discovering they liked her profile while using dating apps.


Because, in Haart’s mind, “if a man says yes, you say yes,” “I don’t say no in intimate connections. I’ve still been brainwashed and indoctrinated into believing that my life’s goal is to win the man I’m in a relationship with. And I’m going to do all in my power to correct that false notion and acknowledge that I am just as valuable as any man I choose to be with.

This include visiting a therapist, reading literature, and enrolling in a course that teaches pupils how to stop appeasing other people. I’m going to learn the abilities I need to appreciate myself in a personal connection from someone. That’s fantastic! “she claims. “Because, well, I’m a work in progress, and I let myself to go back into that servile role, I’m going to work on it. I promise never to repeat that mistake.

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