Julia Fox Opens Up About Her Relationship With Kanye West

Julia Fox Opens Up About Her Relationship With Kanye West: By dating Kanye “Ye” West earlier this year, Julia Fox was doing America’s princess, Kim Kardashian, an excellent service. Furthermore, assuming Fox would date the extremely well-known antisemitic rapper for any reason other than to support a fellow woman is rude.

Fox claims that although she planned to write about her relationship with West in her book, she instead decided to upload a “free” video on TikTok so that the whole public might become aware of this critical information sooner: Regarding their brief relationship, she asserted, “The dude was being average around me.

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According to Fox, Ye had texted her but received no response. It seems that courting superstars can occasionally be a yawn. (I have no idea.) The fashionista, however, claimed to have a great deal of “love” for the “big three” Kardashians, especially Kim, which gave her an idea.

She recalled thinking, “Oh my God, Kanye’s yelling at me, like, what do I do?” But after that, I got an idea that made me think, “Oh my God, maybe I can get him off Kim’s case. For instance, perhaps I can occupy him and win his favour. And I was confident that I could pull it off.

The rest is history: Before they could be seen together in public, Fox went to Ye’s style Bootcamp to destroy her sense of style. According to Fox, Ye wasn’t using social media at the time, which may have given the impression that he was reasonably well-adjusted.

However, when the rapper started posting again, Fox decided to “come out,” later saying, “I wasn’t in love with the dude.” When the couple’s relationship ended in February, Ye was acting in a stalker-like manner.

Among them are West publicly demanded Kardashian’s return while performing at a benefit concert, posted information about the couple’s custody battle online, released a song about wanting to beat up Kardashian’s former boyfriend, sent a truck with the words “MY VISION IS KRYSTAL KLEAR” painted on the side to her house for Valentine’s Day, posted and deleted paparazzi pictures of Kardashian and her boyfriend while threatening him once more, and frequently shared screenshots of his phone.

Ye’s mental instability has increased after Fox left him. His actions most recently cost him his billionaire status since no one wants to do business with an anti-Semitic jackass. To her credit, Fox also doesn’t want to date one. I support the Jewish community. Period,” Fox remarked after the clip.

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