Julia and Silvio Divorce: What was The Reason Behind it?

Here we are talking about Julia and Silvio Divorce. Relationship turbulence for Julia Haart and her estranged spouse Silvio Scaglia Haart doesn’t end with their divorce. Us Weekly verified that the Russian national, who wed the entrepreneur two years ago, filed for divorce on February 9. Days later, Page Six reported that Julia had filed a restraining order petition against the creator of Fastweb, claiming she was “terrified” of him.

He regularly scolds me, referring to me as a “venomous serpent,” a “monster,” and a “liar,” sometimes in front of my kids. She alleged in her petition that one of his favourite insults was to tell her to “go f-k yourself.”

I confronted Silvio about his abusive conduct in January 2022 and warned him that if anyone ever heard how he acts and speaks to me, they would believe he is a terrible person. He responded by threatening me, saying, “I will murder you if you ever go to the press about how I treat you or the kids.

Julia said that throughout their relationship and as a result of Silvio’s alleged verbal abuse, she “had extreme emotional suffering.” In a declaration of her own, her daughter Miriam, whom she shares with her ex-husband Yosef Hendler, said that she once discovered her mother “sobbing frantically” in their home. According to Miriam, who spoke to Page Six, “I was frightened for her safety and I honestly considered calling the police.” “I was afraid he was harming her… My mother was curled up on the bathroom floor, naked, and sobbing as I rushed into the room to find her.

The My Unorthodox Life actor and Hendler also had shared relationships with Batsheva, Shlomo, and Aron. When Julia was 19, they got married. They divorced after she left their conservative Jewish society. Julia claimed in her petition that Silvio had made fun of her younger son’s religion.

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“Recently, on January 23, 2022, Silvio entered the bathroom as I was taking a bath, his face purple, and yelling, ‘I hate your children and I detest this place.’… I don’t want the Sabbath in my home because I detest it.

I’ve turned into an emotional wreck out of fear of his coming home at any hour of the day or night, the fashion mogul stated. Recently, he shut off my credit cards, fired me from our joint-owned firm without explanation, and leveled false accusations against me.

Prior to their breakup, Julia was appointed CEO of Silvio’s model and talent agency, Elite World Group. She made light of the fact that she was “mean” to Silvio while they were coworkers in an interview with The New York Times.

But, Julia told the publication in July 2021, “I had a lot of respect for him. In stark contrast to how protected my life had been, his had been the complete opposite. He had traveled widely. He had seen it all. And he handled my yelling at him like a man. That gave me pleasure.

Alleged Withdrawals by Julia

A complaint was made against Julia the day after she filed for divorce, alleging that she had taken “illegal withdrawals” from the EWG bank account after learning of the board’s intention to remove her.

Julia and Silvio Divorce

The action “breached a January 19, 2022 agreement between her and Silvio Scaglia,” according to documents obtained by Us, in which the couple agreed to a $250,000 cap on withdrawals “other than to fund a mortgage, rent, and current living expenses.”

According to the documents, Silvio is requesting “a declaration of a constructive trust over the $850,000; a return of the converted monies; damages for Julia’s conversion, breach of contract, and breach of fiduciary responsibility.”

Protection Order

According to Page Six, Julia requested a restraining order on February 10 and claimed that Silvio had endangered her life. The document stated that Julia’s estranged husband became “increasingly aggressive, hostile, and unbalanced,” and that Silvio allegedly threatened to kill her in front of witnesses.

Silvio’s Reaction

A representative for Silvio reacted to Julia’s restraining order accusations by saying, “This is simply another day in the life of a wannabe reality TV star, seeking to divert the spotlight from the factual misappropriation claim just filed against her,” in a statement to Us.

According to a source, the IT CEO and his staff “are not aware of any restraining order being filed in court.” They state that they are not aware of any grounds for a restraining order and that they have not served him with any motions that seek such an order.

After the Elite Shooting, Julia files a second restraining order. The author of Brazen claimed that Silvio disregarded “appropriate corporate governance” and acted out of “vengeance and avarice on the eve” of her divorce filing in a second case she filed against him in Delaware in February 2022.

Her Attorney Speaks Up

Julia’s lawyer, Marty Singer, told Us in February 2022 that Silvio Scaglia‘s allegations against Julia Haart were unfounded and an attempt to divert attention from his own history of dud investments (La Perla, Babelgum, Yewno). The company that was operated by Haart, who took over the operations of the business, and as a result its valuation has soared by over 5 times from $90 million to $500 million, is the only one that Scaglia still owns that has any value. The joint account that is the subject of the case is the same account that Mr. Scaglia utilized to pay his own divorce attorneys. Julia filed a lawsuit earlier today in the Delaware Court of Chancery to contest Mr. Scaglia’s conduct, including her improper alleged termination.

Increasingly Messy

In a statement to Us on February 14, a representative for Silvio said, “We are not going to respond to the numerous falsehoods and baseless personal smears in Ms. Haart’s Delaware lawsuit other than to put faith in the court to determine the facts and the law.” We will observe, nevertheless, that it appears Ms. Haart did not study the firm’s bylaws to learn who owns the stock that runs the company.

The statement continued, saying the reality star’s “baseless action cannot deflect attention” from Silvio’s own complaint against her involving her alleged withdrawal of funds from the business’s bank account. “We will have more to say about the requirement that Ms. Haart be held legally accountable for such alleged illegal misappropriation of company funds in the future,” the statement continued.

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