Josie Bissett Husband: Her Personal Life Including Meeting Her Second Husband

Melrose Place costar Rob Estes is the ex-husband of actress Josie Bissett, to whom she was married for 13 years. After having two children together, Mason and Maya Estes, the couple split up in 2006.

After the divorce, Bissett was a confirmed bachelor for a long time. Approximately ten years later, she was given a second opportunity at romantic happiness. Since then, she found a new partner, and everything seemed to have been going swimmingly for the two of them.

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The Marriage of Josie Bissett and Her Second Husband

For Bissett, such person was Thomas Doig, a construction worker and second husband. In July of 2017, at the age of 46, she wore a white strapless dress and a veil that reached just below her knee. Her attendants wore beige gowns, while her fiance, Doig, wore a grey suit with a vest and tie.

Under a towering redwood at the DeLille Cellars vineyard in Woodville, Washington, they exchanged vows in front of close friends and family. Bissett’s two kids, daughter Maya, served as a bridesmaid, and son Mason served as a groomsman, respectively.

Bissett and her spouse Mark have been married for five years as of July 5, 2022. The couple was captured on camera dancing joyfully in each other’s arms to ‘Like I’m Gonna Lose You,’ and the clip was posted to Instagram.

Josie Bissett Husband

Thomas Doig is a chartered quantity surveyor in the United States, but he is better known as Josie Bissett’s husband. The actress who played Jane Mancini on Melrose Place is Doig’s wife. She has appeared in over 40 films and television shows, including several major hits.

Because of the tremendous fame of Josie Bissett, Doig’s wedding to her generated a great deal of attention. In any case, he has also established himself impressively as a quantity surveyor. He had already reached the pinnacle of his profession before he met Josie.

American Born Thomas Doig Early Life

Thomas Doig is a native-born U.S. citizen. However, at this time, specifics concerning the place where he was born remain unknown. Mainly because he has always been a reclusive individual who was totally unknown to the public before to his marriage to Josie Bissett.

Doig is so private that no one knows when he was born. He’s either 51 or 50 years old, depending on which account you believe, as there have been conflicting stories claiming either 1971 or 1972 as his year of birth. However, it should be noted that neither of these dates have been verified independently.

Doig’s origins and family tree are shrouded in mystery. His parents’ names, for example, have never been revealed. It is also unknown whether he grew up in the United States with siblings or whether he was an only kid. His early life and the events that may have influenced his later success and profession have never been discussed openly.

Thomas Doig and Josie Bissett First Met On A Blind Date

Thomas Doig and Josie Bissett went on a blind date, which was the first time they had ever met each other. Some sources state that a mutual friend of Doig and Bissett set them up on a blind date, while it is unclear whether or not this is actually the case.

According to the tale, a terrible fire broke out in June of 2015 and completely destroyed Josie Bissett’s home. Her home was so severely damaged that she had to temporarily relocate to another building while it was being restored. One of her friends, who also happened to be Thomas Doig’s former coworker, spotted her at this time and arranged a blind date for them.

Thomas Doig and Josie Bissett First Met On A Blind Date
Thomas Doig and Josie Bissett First Met On A Blind Date

Success was achieved when both Doig and Bissett accepted the date invitation. Doig was a resident of the condo complex where she now resides. The blind date between Doig and Bissett went well, and the two soon discovered they had a lot in common. They began seeing each other eventually.

Reports indicate that they started dating about 2015 and quickly became inseparable. Their quick decision to move in together as a couple after they got together spoke volumes about the depth of their love for one another. The silver in Bissett’s house was destroyed in the fire, and she later admitted that this was what brought her and Doig together.

Doig Became Josie Bissett’s Husband When She Was 46 Years Old

Thomas Doig and Josie Bissett chose to get married after a long relationship. Timeline-wise, it’s unclear when Doig actually proposed to Bissett, but she accepted his offer nevertheless. On July 4th of 2017, the couple exchanged wedding vows. At the time of their marriage, the actress was 46 years old. Only a handful of months had passed since her 46th year had begun.

DeLille Cellars Chateau, a vineyard in Redmond, Washington, played host to the little ceremony where the couple exchanged vows. Even though it was a short ceremony, the couple’s closest friends and relatives were there to witness their vows.

The glowing bride afterwards posted wedding photos to social media, announcing to her followers that she was “very pleased” and promising to live “happily ever after” with her new spouse. The actress was already rather famous, so the news of her wedding naturally made international headlines.

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