Joshua Wesely Girlfriend: What Is The Age Of Youth Pastor?

An Instagram post by German YouTuber and youth pastor Joshua Wesely celebrating his girlfriend’s 18th birthday has gone viral, drawing widespread criticism online. The preacher revealed his relationship with his future bride began when she was only 14 years old, according to an Instagram post.


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Joshua Wesely Girlfriend

A video of German YouTuber and youth pastor Joshua Wesely celebrating his girlfriend’s 18th birthday on Instagram has gone viral, provoking widespread outrage online. In an Instagram post, the pastor said that he had been dating his future wife since she was 14 years old. It’s been brought to my attention that the following content may not be appropriate for all audiences. Warning: graphic content.

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Others on the Internet are now accusing him of p*dophilia and saying he groomed the teen. Wesely posted to Instagram that his wife had turned 18 for real. In his words, Isabelle Wesely, his future wife, was his “best friend for four years.” Many were taken aback by reports that the youngster had been groomed, despite the fact that Germany’s age of consent is 14. The pair will celebrate their third anniversary on February 18, 2020, as pointed out by Twitter users. On December 19, 2020, less than a month after she turned 18, they became engaged.

How Old Is Joshua Wesely, The Youth Pastor?

When asked about his age online, the YouTuber gave a vague response. While the pastor may be in his forties, other Redditors, including user GradSchoolDespair, argue that he is actually only 24. His birth year is 1998, as reported on his family’s site. The fact that many Christian youth pastors are adults only adds fuel to the p*dophile allegations. About 14,000 people subscribe to Joshua Wesely’s channel on YouTube. It’s been three months since he uploaded a video.

In 2021, filmmaker Joshua Wesely portrayed the lead role in a film about the epidemic titled 2025: The World Enslaved by Virus. As a result of covid, everyone in the film is forced to wear masks, which is a grim vision of the future. He also brought up how communist rule on Earth had banned Christian gatherings for many years. His Instagram page claims he also serves as VP of the Lifelong app. The website claims it can help people find “the potential for a happy conclusion in your love story.”

Several internet users were furious as accusations against Wesley mounted that he had groomed the teen and influenced her decision to get married. People’s stories about being groomed by youth pastors and the number of persons who were arrested as minors because of it have been shared. In light of the widespread criticism, Wesely and his wife have decided to restrict access to their social media accounts.

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