Jordin Sparks Dating History: Who Is The American Singer Husband?

Jordin Sparks Dating History: Nearly everyone in the 21st century is experiencing at least one romantic breakup or breakup in their romantic relationships, and this trend is expected to continue. And if it involves celebrities, then you should expect even more conversation and speculation than usual about it.

Jordin Sparks has captured the attention of millions of people after it was revealed that she had broken up with her boyfriend of two years, Sage the Gemini (who was once known by his birth name, Dominic Wynn Woods).

Let’s get some additional information about this tale, shall we? In this section, we will also provide you with information regarding Jordin Sparks’s personal life in the past. So, let’s get started, and we appreciate you sticking around.

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Jordin Sparks Broke Up With Boyfriend of Two Years, Sage the Gemini

Jordin Sparks, the woman with breathtaking beauty and elegant appearance, is a well-known American singer and songwriter. She is responsible for writing and performing several well-known songs, including “On the Air,” “Double Tap,” and “Next to You.”

Aside from that, she is also an actress, and she has contributed a memorable performance to several well-known films, such as Sparkle, Dear Secret Santa, and Left Behind. Although this stunning singer-songwriter was very successful in her professional career, she was not as successful in her personal life as she was in her professional career.

Unfortunately, Jordin Sparks and the famous rapper she had been dating since 2015 broke up in February 2016, after they had been together for about nine months. The breakup came almost exactly nine months after the couple had been dating.

The beginning of their love affair reportedly got off to a wonderful start, according to some people. They were content to have one other in their lives and were taking pleasure in one another’s presence, but events did not unfold in the manner in which they had anticipated they would do so.

Jordin Sparks Dating History: Who Has He Dated In The Past? 

When it comes to her personal life, the singer Jordin Sparks has always been one to keep a low profile and stay out of the public eye. After having her wedding in July behind closed doors, she has reemerged this time around to reveal that she is going to be a mother for the very first time.

Now that we know that the singer of “No Air” has dated people in the past, including Jason Derulo, let’s take a closer look at who else has entered and exited the singer’s life. Now that we know that the singer of “No Air” has dated people in the past, let’s take a closer look at who else has entered.

Blake Lewis 2006

It was during their time on the sixth season of American Idol, where all three of them met, that rumours say the two of them hooked up with Blake.

Steph Jones

Initials at birth: Darrin Jones A brief romantic relationship existed between the two of them. It is unknown why the couple decided to stop their relationship, but by the time it was over, Jones had reached the lowest point of his life and was living out of his vehicle. Jones began his career as a singer and composer but later transitioned into the role of a motivational speaker.

Jason Derulo 2011-2014

We had the impression that this connection would continue indefinitely. Sadly, everything came to an end in 2014 when the two of them decided to go their ways. According to reports, their breakup was particularly ugly.

Dominic Woods 2015-2016

In the music industry, he is also known by his stage name, Sage The Gemini. In 2015, Sparks and Woods began dating, but they were taking things at a cautious and steady pace.

Some problems surfaced throughout the relationship, and the two even went their ways for a brief time before reconciling and giving their romance another try. Unfortunately, following rumours of trust concerns, they decided to end their relationship officially and called it quits.

Who Is Jordin Sparks' Husband?
Who Is Jordin Sparks’ Husband?

Dana Isaiah 2017-Present

Sparks’ affections have been won over by Dana Isaiah, a model who describes herself as a “fitness enthusiast.” These two sweethearts started dating at the beginning of the year and even held a wedding ceremony behind closed doors. They recently announced that they are expecting their first child together. The ideal conclusion to the story.

Who Is Jordin Sparks’ Husband?

The marriage of singer Jordin Sparks and actor Dana Isaiah has been full of unexpected twists and turns. The singer best known for her hit single “Double Tap” announced in November 2017 not only that she had tied the knot with Isaiah but also that the couple was expecting their first child together.

Sparks, who began seeing the model earlier in 2017, has been quite public about the love she has for her husband, particularly after the birth of their son Dana Isaiah Jr. in 2018. Sparks shared this information with PEOPLE in November 2020, saying, “I don’t know whether this is an unexpected thing, but I do know in my bones that it’s just been utter confirmation to me that he’s the one I’m intended to be with.”

“Dana is everything, he is my partner, not in crime, but he is my life partner [and] thrive,” is how I like to put it. “Dana is my life partner [and] thrive.” She continued by saying, “He is an incredible father. He is an amazing human. He is a great friend — he is my best friend. It’s just very cool that we can do life together. I thought that he was it before, but confirmation has been a beautiful thing.”

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