Jax Taylor Reacts to Tom Sandoval Cheating Scandal

When it comes to Sandoval cheating on Ariana Madix, the former Vanderpump Rules star says, “You think you have this diva mindset where you’re just not going to get in trouble.” Tom Sandoval cheating on his longtime fiancée Ariana Madix with coworker Raquel Leviss may have stunned no one more than Jax Taylor.

“A text message arrived. “You were right all along,” it read.” Taylor, 43, explains to PEOPLE how he learned of the news. “I didn’t find it startling. We went to high school together, so I’ve known Tom Sandoval for 20 years. I only know his way of life. I’ve indicated numerous times that I am aware of who he is. Nobody wanted to accept my story.”

Brittany Cartwright, Taylor’s wife and a former employee of VPR, didn’t anticipate it, though. Cartwright, who will co-host the When Reality Hits podcast with Taylor on PodcastOne starting on March 28, says, “That was with Raquel, right under their noses.

Jax Taylor Reacts to Tom Sandoval Cheating Scandal

When it comes to infidelity, Taylor admits he “doesn’t have a leg to stand on,” but he has a hypothesis about why Sandoval, 40, went for a relationship with Leviss, 28. “The fact that it’s Raquel is explicable. As a result of her controllability, “He clarifies. “Like Brittany, Ariana is a fiercely independent woman who is impossible to manage.

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And I believe Raquel is easily swayed. He probably enjoys being able to direct her. She seems to be highly codependent, which I believe he takes advantage of. She is under his power and will follow his instructions. She also exhibits some fangirl behavior. With Ariana, that wasn’t taking place.”

The 34-year-old Cartwright claims that she “did not observe” Leviss “doing anything to Ariana.” Cruz’s mother, who has been saying “it’s just all horrible,” agrees. “Ariana deserves better than to have to go through this publicly, I think. I recognize the emotion. I feel bad for her.”

Taylor objects to Sandoval’s original March 4 apology, in which he writes that he recognizes fans’ “disappointment towards me” and requests them to spare “my friends and family” and friend and business partner Tom Schwartz from this dilemma.

Taylor claims, “I’ve done my fair share of awful things, but I have a problem with you getting a message from your crisis PR staff. You need to take a moment off your tiny pedestal. Make better judgments and stop making this about Tom Sandoval. It was best if you dialed [Ariana] first. There is simply no empathy present.”

Days later, Sandoval wrote a letter of sorrow to Madix in which he apologized for his “selfish actions” and that he was sorry for “reckless acts that wounded somebody I love.” It was not a good look, in Cartwright’s opinion, because he didn’t apologize to Ariana first. Fans and cast members have questioned whether Sandoval’s best friend and business partner was aware of the relationship with Leviss before the news being public. In Taylor’s opinion, yes.

Taylor asserts, “Schwartz has known. “Schwartz and I speak all the time. He informed me. It has been at least a few months, although I’m not sure exactly how long. This is yet another determining factor. He is in charge of Schwartz. Without the other, one cannot exist. They only work well together; they don’t work well apart.” Schwartz, 40, “found out lately, before it dropped,” according to Cartwright.

Taylor holds Sandoval accountable rather than Schwartz. Taylor declares, “I think Schwartz is a decent guy. “He won’t gossip about his friends. Sandoval is acting quite egotistically. He ought not to have placed Tom in that predicament.”

The Sandoval is “a tremendously terrible scenario,” according to Cartwright. The Kentucky native remarks, “If Sandoval was going to do that, he should have just broken up with Ariana,” adding that she has heard Sandoval intends to remain with Leviss going forward. Taylor believes Sandoval continued the affair because he believed he was unstoppable.

When you reach a certain degree, Taylor claims, you start to believe you have a diva mindset where you simply won’t get into problems or be caught. “He has reached the stage when he believes he cannot be touched. I am free to do anything I choose. And he was caught up in it.”

The duo has maintained close relationships with many cast members and frequently spends out with them, including Sandoval and Leviss, despite no longer starring on Vanderpump Rules. Taylor explains, “There have been moments and occasions where I saw them together and it just didn’t even click until now. “On Labor Day, we ran into them at a friend’s house. They were a unit.

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But had this not come up, I wouldn’t have given it a second consideration.” Taylor had long questioned Sandoval’s morality, but now he adds, “I don’t want to say I told you so.” “I’ve traveled this path before. He placed himself in this frightening, ominous situation, yet it is one he chose. He must possess the manliness to accept responsibility and allow Ariana her space.”

“Maybe Tom will learn from all this,” continues Cartwright. Following the revelation of her ex-affair, costar Bravo called Kristen Doute, a previous castmate who dated Sandoval before Madix, regarding filming for the current season. Cartwright said she and Taylor “absolutely” would be willing to attend as well. We’re ready for some reality TV back in our lives, she says, whether it’s that show or another one.


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