Jann Wenner Net Worth: Earn From The Rolling Stone Magazine?

What Is Jann Wenner Net Worth? Jann Wenner, publisher and co-creator of Rolling Stone magazine. He also recently acquired US Weekly and Men’s Journal. Jann Simon Wenner, a secular Jew born on January 7, 1946, in New York City, dropped out of college in 1966 after spending four years there. Edward Wenner and Sim brought up their son in a secular Jewish household.

In 1963, he graduated from Chadwick School and enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley. Wenner was a prominent figure in the Free Speech Movement and the editor of the “Something’s Happening” column at The Daily Californian, a student newspaper, before 1966. Wenner was hired by the magazine’s spinoff daily thanks to the efforts of Ralph J. Gleason, who collaborated with the famous muckraker Ramparts.


In 1967, Jann Wenner and Gleason founded “Rolling Stone” magazine in San Francisco with a loan of $7,500 from Wenner’s and his future wife Jane Schindelheim’s family. The publication “Rolling Stone” saw a decline in readership in the late 1970s and early 1980s after moving its headquarters to New York City; in 2006, it reached an all-time high of 1.5 million copies each.

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The publication of issue 1,000, which had a holographic three-dimensional cover, marked the magazine’s milestone in May 2006. The piece came from a National Magazine Award nomination for Jann’s 2005 interview with Bono of U2. In 1977, he founded “Outside” magazine and sold it the following year. Wenner briefly managed “Look” magazine before starting “Family Life” in 1993.

Together with The Walt Disney Company, he bought “US Weekly” in 1986; in 2006, he bought out Disney’s ownership interest. In September 2016, there was a press rumor that Jann was selling 49% of “Rolling Stone” to a Singaporean company called BandLab Technologies.

The remaining share was put up for sale by Wenner Media a year later, and Penske Media Corporation purchased it along with BandLab’s 49% holding. Joe Hagan’s “Sticky Fingers: The Life and Times of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine” and Robert Sam Anson’s “Gone Crazy and Back Again” provide historical accounts of Jann and “Rolling Stone” (Robert Draper).

Wenner became a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s board of directors in 1983. Numerous followers claim that Jann is biased and that this is why their favorite artists weren’t inducted into the Hall of Fame. The “New York Post” quoted Peter Tork of The Monkees as saying that “Jann Wenner is single-handedly keeping us out of the Hall of Fame” in 2007.

According to Tork’s further remarks, Wenner “disregards norms and conducts himself as he pleases. It represents an egregious abuse of power. I’m not sure if The Monkees should be in the Hall of Fame, even if it’s pretty clear that it’s out of whim. Jann retired as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation’s chair in 2020.

How Much Earn From The Rolling Stone Magazine Founder?

In 1967, Jann Wenner and Ralph J. Gleason established the San Francisco-based music publication “Rolling Stone” with the help of Wenner’s and his future wife Jane Schindelheim’s families’ combined loan of $7,500. Despite a decline in readership in the ’70s and ’80s, “Rolling Stone” relocated to New York in 1977.

The publication’s circulation peaked at 1.5 million copies every two weeks in 2006. In May 2006, the magazine published issue 1,000, marking a milestone with a holographic 3-D cover. Jann’s conversation with Bono of U2 in 2005 earned her a National Magazine Award nomination.

He launched the magazine Outside in 1977, but he sold it the following year. After a stint as the manager of “Look” magazine, Wenner started “Family Life” in 1993. In addition, he bought Disney’s share of “US Weekly” in 2006 after co-owning it with the company from 1986 to that year.

Jann Wenner Net Worth The Rolling Stone Magazine
Jann Wenner Net Worth The Rolling Stone Magazine

Jann Wenner Net Worth 2022

According to estimates, Jann Wenner net worth will reach $600 million by 2022. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and “Rolling Stone” magazine are both owned by Wenner. Jann, a Free Speech Movement activist, and Ralph J. Gleason co-founded “Rolling Stone” in 1967.

He interviewed notable figures such as Hunter S. Thompson, Joe Klein, and Bono of U2. He has promoted the works of luminaries, including Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore, Barack Obama, and Bono. After selling “Men’s Journal” in 1986, Wenner launched “Outside” in 1977 and acquired “Us Weekly” the same year.

Jann has also created TV movies like “Rolling Stone Magazine: The 10th Anniversary” (1977) and “Rolling Stone Presents Twenty Years of Rock & Roll” (1987), as well as the TV series “I’m from Rolling Stone.” The first album by Boz Scaggs was titled Boz Scaggs and was out in 1969.

Producer of the 2009 TV special “The 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concert,” he was shortlisted for a Primetime Emmy. Wenner not only made a cameo appearance but also performed a role in the Eion Bailey film “Almost Famous,” directed by Cameron Crowe in 2000.

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