Ivan Hall Girlfriend: All About His Relationship

He discovered The One! Us Weekly is the first to report that Ivan Hall and Tailour Roberson are engaged exclusively. I can honestly tell that becoming engaged feels lovely. Hall, 31, spoke to Us exclusively. It’s a blend of eagerness, joy, and expectation for what the future may bring.

The Texas native was first introduced to Bachelor Nation on The Bachelorette season 16, where Tayshia Adams took the helm after Clare Crawley left. Afterward, he took part in season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise. He reconnected with Roberson when his tenure with the team ended.

Hall revealed to Us that she and the other person had been friends for a long time and had always managed to get back together. It seemed fated that we would be together when she moved to Dallas to work as an anesthesiologist after graduating from medical school.

Ivan Hall Girlfriend: All About His Relationship

The aeronautical engineer proposed on March 11 at 6 o’clock in downtown Dallas. Hall can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with his future wife after the doctor enthusiastically says yes. The person who made me feel the happiest and most happy in life, not just my best friend, I realized, Hall told Us. She helped me through good and difficult moments, and I was sure she was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

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In late 2022, Hall decided that the moment had come to propose to Roberson. However, he needed first to select the ideal ring. “I visited the online jewelry retailer Keyzar. They helped me design the perfect ring for Tailour. I gave her a 4-carat oval diamond ring from the Low Profile Kamellie collection, “He informed Us.

Fortunately, Roberson dropped a few not-so-subtle signals about her jewelry preferences to her spouse. Hall said, “I knew what she loved because of all the Instagram DMs she would give me. Once the diamond had been purchased, it was time to organize the proposal.

The upcoming husband gave his future wife a new ring and automobile as gifts. “I wanted to make sure Tailour would find the proposal memorable and meaningful as planned. I surprised her with a stunning ring and a brand-new 2023 Tesla Model Y performance to replace her used college vehicle, “Hall informed Us.

“Our family assisted me in planning everything, and I engaged Kerstin Jenkins, the greatest wedding photographer in Dallas, to record the occasion,” Hall stated that Susie Evans, who was on season 26 of The Bachelor and dated the show’s star Clayton Echard for a while, was their engagement’s videographer.

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Hall and Roberson are eager to begin planning their wedding even though they still enjoy the euphoria of becoming engaged. “Planning for the wedding will soon begin! Both of us are eager to start considering the specifics, “explained Hall. “While we haven’t made any decisions yet, we both have some ideas for the wedding’s venue, theme, and general atmosphere.

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