Is Wednesday From Adams Family Adopted? Is Gomez Wednesday’s Dad?

Is Wednesday From Adams Family Adopted? While the Addams Family has always been one of the most iconic fictional families, the introduction of the Wednesday series on Netflix has piqued the interest of a new generation of fans. We all know that the Wednesday series is about the main character, who stands apart from her peers and her family. Is Wednesday Addams officially a part of the family now? Nobody adopted Wednesday Addams. In the Wednesday books, she is an integral part of the Addams family because she inherited psychic abilities from them.

Morticia Addams is a psychic in her own right, and Gomez Addams is a direct descendant of Goody Addams, the witch who appears to Wednesday in her visions. Wednesday is unquestionably the daughter of both Gomez and Morticia, a direct descendant of their families. The possibility that she was adopted was only conceived in the less-discussed animated sequel to The Addams Family, The Addams Family, 2. Therefore, let’s go deeper into this subject.

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Wednesday and the Possibility of Her Not Being an Addams

Individuals’ interest in the Addams Family, a fictitious family of peculiar people, was reignited thanks to the tremendous success of the Wednesday series, which has been topping the charts on Netflix. Given that the Addams Family has been entertaining audiences since the 1930s, it stands to reason that roughly a century’s worth of people has watched the show. There have been many attempts to re-energize interest in the Addams Family. Still, it wasn’t until the Wednesday series that viewers began to appreciate the rich potential of the franchise’s backstory.

The Addams Family narrative is retold differently in the Wednesday series, which centers on Wednesday Addams and investigates the presence of the Outcasts, a group of people physically distinct from the rest of society. Due to their oddness, Wednesday and the rest of the Addams Family are considered to be among the social outcasts.

Is Wednesday From Adams Family Adopted
Is Wednesday From the Adams Family Adopted?

But Wednesday is still distinct from both her family and the other Outcasts. She may be autistic because of her severe difficulties in interpersonal relationships and seeming lack of empathy. Even though her powers set her apart from the rest of the Addams family (except Uncle Faster) and the other Outcasts at Nevermore Academy, her personality is nonetheless distinct.

This could lead some to suspect that Wednesday is not biologically related to the rest of the Addams Family and is merely an adoptee. However, the events of the Wednesday series never alluded to this particular subject. Instead, another version of the Addams Family examined the prospect of Wednesday being adopted as part of the film’s animated The Addams Family 2 feature.

In the film, Wednesday’s antagonist, Cyrus Strange, convinced her that he was her real father rather than Gomez Addams. Wednesday used a lock of Gomez’s hair to try to prove it. However, the test results were negative, and she concluded that she was not an Addams. She was initially thought to be a Gomez. Still, it was revealed that she is actually an Addams and that the test results were falsely negative since she didn’t realize that Gomez was hiding his true identity under a wig.

Is Wednesday a Part of the Addams Family?

Only Uncle Fester might have been stranger than Wednesday Addams during the Wednesday series. However, she was not like the rest of the Addams Family or the other Outcasts. Is Wednesday then an official Addams?

There was never any doubt in our minds that Wednesday was indeed Morticia and Gomez Addams’ daughter. The movie’s events even verified her status as a legitimate blood relative of the Addams clan. It was discovered that Wednesday possesses psychic skills that allow her to foresee unpleasant events in the lives of the people she touches. This was one of her many talents that helped her figure out who or what was behind the Hyde monster killing spree in Jericho and at Nevermore Academy.

As it turned out, she shared this ability with her mother, Morticia Addams, who also showed it off during her time in Nevermore. It was discovered that when Morticia touches a person, she can see visions of that person’s past and destiny. Unlike Wednesday, though, she had the ability to foresee the positive outcomes of other people’s lives.

Wednesday’s visions of a witch named Goody Addams, who lived centuries before her time and was one of the most critical individuals in the history of the Outcasts, are the only evidence that she is the daughter of Gomez and Morticia. Goody, who looked a lot like Wednesday, was a witch who defended the Outcasts from their enemies many centuries ago. Morticia naturally revealed Goody to be Gomez’s distant ancestor. Wednesday looks like Goody and has visions of her ghost. Therefore, it stands to reason that she is an Addams by name and blood. This proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Wednesday was not adopted and is a biological member of the Addams Family.

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