Is Penny Hardaway Married: Does He Have a Family?

Mary McDonnell is married to Penny Hardaway. In addition to Jayden Hardaway, who was born in 1999, Penny has two daughters and two boys. He played basketball in the past and is currently a head coach. He is the American Athletic Conference’s men’s basketball team’s head coach for the Memphis Tigers.

During his time in college, he was chosen for the USA Basketball Developing Team and won the Naismith College Player of the Year award. The Golden State Warriors were where Penny started his professional career. He was chosen to the NBA All-Rookie first team and finished as the runner-up for rookie of the year.

As a member of the US Olympic Basketball Team in 1996, he took home a gold medal. He guided the Tigers to the NIT in the first season of his coaching career. He had a brief acting career in addition to his sports one. He has a role in the college basketball movie Blue Chips.

Is Penny Hardaway Married: Does He Have a Family?

Wife of Penny Hardaway

Penny Hardaway and Mary McDonnell had a happy marriage. Penny and Dionne were dating before his wedding. Four of his children come from various relationships. Latarsha McCray, his high school sweetheart, was his first partner to go public. Two girls live with Penny. He began dating Nikki Ward after his romance with Latarsha came to an end.

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One son of his and Nikki’s is a basketball player at the University of Memphis. He started dating Dionne after his relationship with Nikki ended, and they eventually had a kid. The majority of Penny’s Instagram posts are about his children. His Twitter handle is @Iam1Cent, and his Instagram handle is @iam1cent.

The Penny Hardaway Kids

Two sons, Jayden Hardaway and Ashton Hardaway, and two daughters, LaTanfernee Hardaway, and Layla Hardaway make up Penny Hardaway’s family of four. He set an example for his son, who also went on to play professional football. Layla and LaTanfernee, his daughters, were born in 1992 and 1995, respectively. The mother of LaTanfernee and Layla is Latarsha McCray, Penny’s high school sweetheart. Nikki Ward gave birth to Jayden, and Dionne gave birth to Ashton.

LaTanfernee Hardaway Is The Eldest

The eldest of Penny Hardaway’s daughters is LaTanfernee. She was a 1992 baby. LHX collection’s CEO is LaTanfernee. The pendant and necklaces are from the LHX line. Ray Chesterfield II is the man she is dating. On July 18, 2022, a boy was born to them.

On March 12, 2022, she announced via her Instagram account. LaTanfernee has shared images of her child on social media. She has an excellent sense of style. Also, she advertises her collection on Instagram. Her Twitter handle is @latanfernee, and she goes by @tanfernee on Instagram.

Jayden Hardaway Plays Guard For Memphis Tigers

On the Memphis Tiger Men’s Basketball team, Jayden plays basketball. His birthday is July 16, 1999. He participated in athletics at Memphis’ East High School, where he helped the team win the 2017 TSSAA Class AAA state championship. Jayden attended Miami Palmetto for his junior year before switching to East High School. He participated in 22 games as a rookie in 2019.

In the first game of the season against South Carolina State, he had a career-high nine points. He appeared in 28 games and 10.0 minutes per game in the 2020–21 season. He played in 23 games during his redshirt junior season, averaging 2.9 points and 1.0 rebounds. Using the handle @jhardaway01, Jayden has a verified Instagram account.

For Sierra Canyon, Ashton Hardaway was a small forward.

For Memphis Men’s Basketball, Ashton plays basketball. The Tigers accepted his contract on November 16, 2022. He is a four-star offensive lineman in the 2023 class. His high school was Sierra Canyon. Ashton was awarded scholarships from San Diego, USC, and Kansas. Because of his father, he selected Memphis. He has a 3-star prospect rating from 247 Sports Composite. Ashton.Hardaway@ is his Instagram account, while @ash Hardaway is his Twitter handle.

Tale of Penny Hardaway’s Childhood

Eddie Golden and Fae Hardaway are Penny Hardaway’s parents. On July 18, 1971, Penny was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in the US. When he was a little boy, his mother relocated to California. Louise, his grandmother, looked after him. But when he was fourteen years old, Fae came back.

She consistently encouraged and supported his kid in pursuing his career goals. Although Hardaway was eager to play football, his grandmother forbade it out of concern for his safety. He participated in the Memphis YMCA Jr. basketball squad as a teenager.

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He made his parents happy by making a name for himself as a basketball player. At the 7th Annual Black Tie & Tennies Charity Gala at the Orlando Arena, Penny was presented with the Orlando Magic’s highest honor for community service. He gave his mum the credit for his unwavering support and inspiration. “My mum raised us all the same way and with a lot of support,” he said.

Information About The Hardaway Family Tree

Once Penny’s mother departed to work in California, Louise, Penny’s grandmother, took care of her. At an elementary school, Louise worked as a cook. She put up a lot of effort to provide for her family and Penny.

Hardaway still values her grandmother for her love and support. His parents, Eddie and Fae, have always stood by his side. Hardaway attended Memphis State University as well. Penny values his friendship with Latarsha McCray and is grateful to his firstborn LaTanfernee for teaching him about setting and achieving objectives in life.


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