Are Brandon And Serene Still Together After Bachelor In Paradise?

Season 8’s Bachelor in Paradise’s Couples Fans of the show will be overjoyed to hear that Brandon and Serene, the “it” pair of the beach since the season premiere, have recently gotten engaged. As soon as he got to Paradise, Brandon let Serene know what he planned to do with their relationship.

They hit it off instantly and had a trouble-free, happy romance. They made it through Split Week without problems since they were wholly committed to each other. Brandon and Serene were deeply in love and frequently told each other, “I love you.”

Brandon proposed to Serene on the season finale of The Bachelor this summer, and they have been engaged ever since. They confirmed their engagement at the November 4 taping of a special reunion episode of The Bachelor in Paradise.

Zachary Reality said in a video he released to YouTube that they were given a “honeymoon vacation” to Hawaii by the show at the reunion. After being engaged on Bachelor in Paradise, Brandon and Serene were offered the chance to tie the knot in Mexico.

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Brandon & Serene Were Given The Opportunity To Wed In Paradise

Following Actuality, Steve, on the season eight finale of “The Bachelor,” host Jesse Palmer revealed to Brandon and Serene that he had received the priesthood. He posed the question of whether or not they desired a quick wedding.

They left viewers hanging at the end of the Bachelor in Paradise season premiere, but they didn’t get married before the reunion show. Serena and Brandon have been engaged for a while, and their relationship appears to be going well.

Of all the couples on Bachelor in Paradise season 8, Brandon and Serene were the strongest. They didn’t hide their emotions from each other and had no trouble admitting their affection for one another.

They never jumped from one relationship to another, nor did they have any reservations about each other, setting them apart from many of their Paradise friends. They trusted and respected one another immediately, which paved the way for love to blossom between them.

Fans have said they would have liked to see more of Serene and Brandon’s undramatic interactions with one other during the season. As season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise comes to a close, the futures of some couples remain uncertain.

Fans aren’t likely to be shocked to learn that Brandon proposed to Serene and that they’re still very much in love. Before they even set foot on the beaches of Mexico, Bachelor Nation had been cheering for them to get together, so their connection felt destined to be.

They’re about to have a wedding rivalling any in Bachelor history for hype. Without a doubt, Brandon and Serene are Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise’s most solid couple.

Are Brandon And Serene Get Engaged And Still Together?

The Bachelor in Paradise season 8 finale features two engagements, one of which is between Brandon Jones (Michelle Young, The Bachelorette season 18) and Serene Russell (Clayton Echard, The Bachelor season 26).

Brandon and Serene have been on Bachelor in Paradise from the beginning, making them original competitors this season. In the season eight finale of “The Bachelorette,” host Jesse Palmer revealed that he was an ordained minister and asked Brandon and Serene if they wanted to get married right then and there.

The season finale left viewers hanging, but in the “After the Final Rose” special, Brandon and Serene broke the news that they hadn’t been married but were still engaged.

Are Brandon And Serene Get Married?
Are Brandon And Serene Getting Married?

Neil Lane, a celebrity jeweller who has made engagement rings for The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise since 2008, very certainly designed the ring they exchanged.

Former presenter Chris Harrison said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2016 that couples on Bachelor Nation have to be together for a specific period or else they have to give back the free engagement ring they received from Neil Lane.

You get to keep it after a certain number of years, according to some rule, he said. However, “it returns after a few months.” In 2016, Lane told StyleCaster that he has no idea where his rings end up but that he designs them with the intention that the pair will remain married.

“I manufacture rings hoping that people stay together forever, but after they get the ring, I have no say in it, and what happens after that, I don’t know,” he stated. “I have to admit that I have no idea where the ring is supposed to be worn. Just let it ring up in heaven, is all I can say.

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