Is Bad Bunny Dating Anyone? Fans Panic Over Kendall Jenner Relationship Rumors

The fans of Bad Bunny would be outraged if their favorite rapper was seen with Kendall Jenner of The Kardashians. With Bad Bunny’s opening performance at the Grammys on February 5, which even got Taylor Swift up and dancing, he was the talk of the town. TwoMoi, a renowned celebrity gossip website, recently reported that Kendall and Bad Bunny were spotted out and about together, and the website has since confirmed that the two are dating. Until their November breakup, Kendall had been dating NBA player Devin Booker for two years. There were rumors that Kendall and their ex-boyfriend Harry Styles were reconciling, but these were unfounded.

Look Into Their Past Relationships To Get A Feel For How They Interact With The Romantic World:

Is Bad Bunny Dating Anyone?

A Reddit member named Oth1994 claimed that Bad Bunny’s “fans are having a meltdown on Twitter (and tik tok) about the Kendall/Bad Bunny allegations,” and provided images of Tweets from Bad Bunny’s followers as evidence. A Twitter user has expressed her displeasure at learning that Bad Bunny is dating a member of the Kardashian family. But another commented that the news of their relationship made them feel “icky.” A commenter on Reddit drew parallels between this and the reaction of certain One Direction fans when Kendall dated Harry.

They having a meltdown on Twitter (and tik ton) over the Kendall/Bad Bunny rumors. It reminds me of the Harry/Kendall times with his fans and the larries crying blood tears. from KUWTK

One admirer of The Kardashians wrote on Reddit, “When I read comments like these it just makes me understand more and more that these women are not highly liked.” Another else commented that dating a celebrity would be “miserable” because of the adoring public.

Neither Kendall nor the singer has publicly confirmed their connection, and Deux Moi isn’t often reliable. As an illustration, the site once claimed Dove Cameron had been cast as Glinda in the upcoming film adaptation of Wicked, but the next day it was revealed that Ariana Grande would play the role instead.

It’s no secret that Bad Bunny’s ardent followers are fuming over rumors that he might be dating Kendall. Even though they’ve achieved a lot, the public doesn’t particularly approve of this family. They’ve been accused of cultural appropriation, obliviousness, and a lack of awareness of their status. They have also been accused of fetishizing black men because they only date and have children with black men.

A lot of people, maybe because Bad Bunny is Puerto Rican, assume that Kendall is trying to cash in on his popularity by doing the same thing. The rapper’s prominence in the pop music industry has given many Hispanics a sense of acceptance. He also sings in Spanish, which adds a whole other dimension to his music.

Fans of The Kardashians might think his supporters are insane for being offended that someone they connect with is dating someone who is really out of touch and entitled, but they have a point. If it turns out that Bad Bunny and Kendall are dating, neither set of fans can do a thing about it.

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