Is Ashley McBride Gay? Everything About Her Personal Life

The well-known American country musician Ashley McBride. She is a singer and songwriter best known for her albums Girl Going Nowhere and Never Will. McBride was raised in a conservative home with a love of music.

She played her brother’s trumpet and her father’s guitar as she progressively became interested in them. Ashley wrote her first song when she was just 12 years old. She was motivated by it to pursue a career in music. She then played and honed her craft in the high school band.

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McBride attended Arkansas State University to study the french horn. But she left after her professor advised her to focus on a full-time music career. Ashley started as a professional musician by playing with the Deadhorse band out of Nashville. She did become well-known though after winning the Country Showdown contest.

After that, McBride issued several albums and XPs (extended plays). Her 2017 debut track, “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega,” brought her success. Ashley has received nominations for numerous prizes, including the Grammy, CMT, Emmy, and others.

Ashley McBride Partner: Is She Married?

Ashley McBride, a country music performer, is not yet married. She has kept her romances private and avoided discussing them in the media. She is allegedly dating her roommate Andrew, though.

However, Ashley has clarified the situation and stated that they are simply great friends. Fans nevertheless continue to delve into her songs to learn more about her romantic life.

Ashley McBride Personal Life

Ashley McBryde has reached the age of 39. She has never been married and is not currently married. Additionally, the vocalist appears to be single. Ashley’s song “Andy (I Can’t Live Without You)” used to be attributed to her then-boyfriend. That Andy lived with her was made plain.

Andy, she added in an interview, is her best buddy. Understandably, Ashley would want to keep her love life private, given that her listeners spend hours poring over the lyrics of her songs to attempt to decipher what they’re trying to say.

Ashley frequently extols the virtues of her native Arkansas, where she grew up. The country singer is a southern gal, given her Arkansas upbringing. She’s talked openly about the influence her upbringing had on her music career. When asked about her childhood, Ashley revealed to People magazine in August of 2018 that she was raised on a cow farm.

Her father had a guitar and a mandolin, and her brother had a trumpet, so they could play together. Father and brother taught Ashley to play the two instruments. Being raised in the middle of nowhere, according to her, was a blast. It’s “very beneficial for your bones and your soul” to grow up on a farm, Ashley remarked.

Ashley McBride Personal Life
Ashley McBride Personal Life

Is Ashley McBride Gay?

Rumors that Ashley McBride is gay appear to be baseless, as she is a heterosexual woman. On December 11, 2013, the singer tweeted a message that included the word “gay,” which may have sparked rumors that she was gay. Ashley hasn’t spoken anything about it either.

Ashley asserted in a 2013 tweet that being homosexual isn’t a prerequisite for slapping a guy in the face. Although she tweeted about her sexual orientation, not everyone is convinced and many remain unsure.

Ashley McBride’s new album, “Never Will,” furthers her dedication to exposing the truth in country music. If you want to know anything about Ashley’s love life, you have to ask her. It’s a common misconception that her song “Andy (I Can’t Live Without You)” is about a romantic lover.

In an interview with NPR, the singer confessed that her best friend is Andy, a talented guitarist. Despite the prevalent perception that they are in a romantic relationship, the two have always maintained a platonic friendship.

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