In Too Hot To Handle How Many Couples Still Together In Season 4?

Too Hot To Handle Couples Still Together: The final episodes of Season 4 of Too Hot to Handle have just been added to Netflix, so here is your chance to find out if any of your favorite Too Hot to Handle couples are still together.

Last Monday [7th December], the first five episodes of Season 4 were released, and viewers were introduced to candidates like Seb and Kayla, Brittan and James, and Jawahir and Nick, all of whom were attempting to put physical touch and their sexual impulses aside for the chance to earn big $$.

The rules of the game are straightforward: no physical contact of any kind (kissing, hugging, etc.) will result in a reduction of the prize pool. The remaining prize money was awarded at the end of the season to the participant who, in the eyes of the other candidates, had grown the most during the competition. 

Beyond that, it appears that some of the singles in the villa have met their potential life partners. Do any of the couples from season 4 of Too Hot to Handle remain together after filming wrapped in the summer of 2022?

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How Many Of The Season 4 Couples From “Too Hot To Handle” Are Still Together?

Nick and Jawahir, Kayla and Seb, and Dominique and Nigel were the most prominent couples in the first half of the season. As a result, Dominique and Nigel’s bond was less than that of Brittan and James, their main competitors.

Nick and Jawahir, together with Seb and Kayla, were the top two couples to earn $89,000 in the Too Hot to Handle season 4 finale. After several pairs disobeyed the rules, the prize pool was lowered from $200,000 to $100,000. And off-camera is perhaps where their relationship will flourish the most.


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The unexpected pairing of Nick and Jawahir was one of the season’s most pleasant surprises. Jawahir wasn’t initially interested in Nick, but after they had a short talk, she completely forgot about the other boys she liked, including the new “grenade,” Shawn. Too Hot to Handle was awarded to Nick and Jawahir as a reward for their undying support for one another throughout the competition.

Where are they at this point, then? Nick competes from the United States, while Jawahir resides in the Netherlands. Yet, given that Jawahir appears to travel rather frequently, it is not inconceivable that she and Nick could maintain a successful long-distance romance.

And that may be exactly what they did. Nick and Jawahir may be dating at this time, based on their social media activity. They may have been in the same place at the same time in May 2022 when they both posted Instagrams from Indonesia featuring the same waterfall. One could have trouble seeing that as merely a strange coincidence.

Too Hot To Handle Couple Dominique and Nigel

Over the first few episodes of Season 4 of Too Hot to Handle, Nigel played mind games with several stunning young women. Kayla was the first woman he noticed, but he did pay some attention to Jawahir as well. He is now dating Dominique.

It’s hard to tell if Dominique and Nigel are getting close because they don’t have as much screen time together as the other couples. One thing we know for sure is that they aren’t doing anything illegal as a couple. Since Nigel and Dominique aren’t exactly sizzling on-screen, their off-screen future does not look promising. Another red flag for the future of Nigel and Dominique is his flirty behavior with two other ladies on the island.

Too Hot To Handle Couple Brittan and James

Brittan’s unlucky pairing is a guy who has no desire to be physical or otherwise flouts the rules of the island. James, her island rival, appears more interested in the cash reward than in really beating her. Brittan appears to be the kind of young woman who will risk spending some of the prize money on a potential partner if she feels a true relationship is developing.

During an emotional workshop, Brittan took a marker on James’s punching bag and put down the fact that he lacked physical closeness with her. This sparked a major rift between them. James was hurt and irritated by the fact that she had singled him out in front of the group. Since James and Brittan won’t even be together in the second half of Season 4, it’s safe to assume their relationship won’t endure.

Too Hot To Handle Couples In Season 4
Too Hot To Handle Couples In Season 4

Too Hot To Handle Couple Brittan and Ethan

Ethan interpreted Brittan’s falling out with James as a sign that he could finally pursue her romantically. He saw that she wasn’t getting the love and attention she craved and decided now was his chance to make a move. Although viewers haven’t seen Brittan and Ethan’s romance develop entirely, sparks were flowing between the two.

While she was lounging alone by the pool, he walked over to her and started a discussion that included several compliments. She seemed to enjoy the admiration he was showing her. It appeared as though she was prepared to completely put James out of her mind. When the first half of Season 4 concluded, Ethan and Brittan’s relationship was just getting started, so viewers will have to wait to find out if it will last.

Too Hot To Handle Couple Nick and Jawahir

Nick and Jawahir’s friendship is one of the most endearing ones we’ve seen on Too Hot to Handle this season. At first, Nick didn’t seem interested in the women on the island, instead spending his time meditating and following the Law of Attraction.

When he made up his mind about who he wanted to be with, Jawahir was the first person he focused on. She had secretly had a crush on Nigel for a long time before he even met her. Even though she felt no return for her affection, they nevertheless a role in their relationship.

She then kissed Seb. If she had just been upfront and honest with Nick from the start about her kiss with Seb, it wouldn’t have been as big of a concern. Then she waited for the rule-breaking machine (Lana) to make the announcement. 

Jawahir’s sincere apology to Nick at the end of the show made viewers hopeful that their relationship would continue after the series conclusion. Nick forgave her for lying, and they are now over the commotion between them.

Too Hot To Handle Couple Creed and Sophie

For a while, Sophie and Creed’s relationship flourished. On the island, they appeared to be getting along famously and sharing many interests. Sophie took her relationship with Creed so seriously that she refused a kiss from Ethan on the island, even though doing so would not have reduced her prize money.

It was touching to watch how much Sophie wanted a happy ending with Creed, but the two were just never on the same page. Creed abandoned ship as soon as he saw Flavia on the island. This confirms that Sophie and Creed’s romance ends before the end of the show.

Too Hot To Handle Couple Flavia and Creed

Creed was eager to end his relationship with Sophie so that he could focus on developing his feelings for Flavia. Even while he seemed to connect deeply and meaningfully with Sophie, he couldn’t help but fantasize about the intense moments he’d be able to have with Flavia.

His strong love for Flavia is evident in the casual manner in which he ended things with Sophie. Since this is the case, his romance with Flavia may last beyond Season 4.

Too Hot To Handle Couple Kayla and Seb

The relationship between Kayla and Seb is one of the most intense ones to follow in Season 4 of Too Hot to Handle. Although he did kiss Jawahir once, his growing attraction to Kayla has been a fascinating subplot to watch from the start. The most rule violations and money wasted from the prize pool have been committed by Kayla and Seb.

They signed the contract in a public restroom at the last possible minute. Because of their overwhelming desires, Lana put them to the test in the private suite. Given how much they care about each other, they could be a real couple that lasts beyond the series.

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