In the Sixth Season of My Hero Academia Cool Art is Used to Show Off the Bad Guys

In the Sixth Season of My Hero Academia Cool Art is Used to Show Off the Bad Guys: The first half of the sixth season of My Hero Academia has concluded, and the anime has some awesome new cover art celebrating the villains this time around! The antagonists, like they did during an arc in the fifth season, have been receiving a lot of attention in the first few episodes of the sixth season. Fans of the manga series have seen how each villain has made significant moves against all of the heroes as the anime adapts the Paranormal Liberation Front War arc.

The first cour of My Hero Academia Season 6 has concluded, and the second half of the season will premiere in Japan next year. The home media releases are currently in the final stages of production and distribution. As the release of Blu-ray Volume 2 approaches, we see the League of Villains featured prominently on the cover instead of the young heroes who were featured in Volume 1. The complete version is provided here for your perusal:

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How to Catch Up With My Hero Academia Season 6

The first major conflict between the heroes and villains of the season is coming to an end as we near the midpoint of the season. Fans have seen in this raid so far that the villains are much trickier than the heroes were prepared to handle. Since Tomura Shigaraki has become even more powerful through his absorption of All For One’s energy, Izuku Midoriya and the others have been helpless to stop him. On the other hand, now is the ideal time to dive in headfirst.

All six seasons of My Hero Academia are now available to watch online at Crunchyroll, and the new season will continue airing next year after this first major arc concludes. The battle between the heroes and villains in the anime is only going to heat up as the season progresses.

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