In A24’s Wrestling Drama “The Iron Claw,” Zac Efron Bulks Up To The Hilt

First images from A24’s Wrestling Drama “The Iron Claw” have surfaced, displaying Zac Efron’s muscular build as Kevin Von Erich, a.k.a. the Golden Warrior. A biographical movie called “The Iron Claw” stars actors Jeremy Allen White from “The Bear” as Kerry Von Erich and Harris Dickinson from “Beach Rats” as David Von Erich.

The movie is about the wrestling dynasty known as the Von Erich family. In the opening shot, Zac Efron’s muscular physique is accentuated when he is seen knocking his opponent out of the air with a powerful kick.

Recently, Efron garnered social media interest when behind-the-scenes photographs showed him sporting a bowl cut that matched the era and fashion of the actual Von Erich. Even though Von Erich has a limited role in the next movie, he recently praised Efron to TMZ, saying: “I never looked so fantastic. However, he appeared fantastic, so he must be working quite hard.

Additional Selection

For “The Iron Claw,” which is presently in production, Holt McCallany, Maura Tierney, and Lily James are also in the cast. Filmmaker Sean Durkin, well known for his 2011 movie “Martha Marcy May Marlene,” in which Elizabeth Olsen played the major role, is responsible for both the film’s direction and writing.

The movie is being co-financed by A24 and Access Industries, with producers from A24 including Tessa Ross, Derrin Schlesinger, and Harrison Huffman. The movie was created by House Productions with assistance from BBC Films and Access Entertainment.

The tentative release date for “The Iron Claw” in theatres is 2023. Check out the picture below for a first glance.


Who Is Zac Efron Playing?

In the movie, Efron will portray Kevin Von Erich, a legendary wrestler. According to the website of the WWE, the Von Erich family of legendary wrestlers debuted in the company in the 1960s. 2009 saw their induction into the Hall of Fame.

Where Is Iron Claw Being Filmed?

Zac Efron’s “The Iron Claw” is getting ready to shoot in Baton Rouge.

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