Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Cancelled or Renewed?

Hunter X Hunter is one of the most popular Netflix Anime series that ended its run with season 6 in 2014. Fans were hopeful that there would be more content for them just around the corner, but they haven’t received any updates regarding it to this day. When Netflix announced the release of Hunter X Hunter on their site, people started suspecting that maybe season 7 is under the work. Thousands of fans have only one question from series creator Yoshihiro Togashi: whether there will be a sequel to Hunter X Hunter Season 6 releasing soon. Here is all that we know regarding the release of season 7. So, let’s begin.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date

The Japanese Anime series aired from 2011-2014, and since then, it has had a strong fan base. But recently, the fandom has grown even bigger. The reason is that Netflix added the series to its library in June. Consequently, more people discovered this masterpiece.

By the end of June, all 4 installments of the series were released worldwide on Netflix. As per the notice given by Netflix, the last two installments should also have been released on 1st July. But due to some technicalities at their end, seasons 5 and 6 are not released yet.

The fandom was bummed over the fact that Netflix didn’t keep its promises. And their interest shifted from season 7’s renewal to season 5 and 6 release dates. So, this can be a tactic by Netflix to stop fans from demanding season 7.

With that being said, when will Netflix release the last two installments?

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

Well, up till now, Netflix hasn’t released any information regarding this. However, there are rumors that Togashi is working on Season 7, which will be released together with seasons 5 and 6. But why will they do so? The logical assumption is that maybe Netflix does not want the fame to die. So, they are on purpose delaying the release of the last 2 seasons.

As far as season 7 of Hunter X Hunter is concerned, none of the creators have yet declined or confirmed the news surrounding the renewal. So, the fans are left hanging. But the odds are in our favor because if Netflix can revive a 7-year-old fandom, they can even go as far as renewing the anime.

If everything works out and season 7 is finally getting renewed, it will most likely be released in 2022 or 2023.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Cast

Fans are worried about Togashis’s health. Because his health has been a stumbling block in the story’s development, many fear that their favorite fictional characters might never receive a proper ending.

But if Togashi continues to work on season 7, we’ll most likely hear the same cast playing their old respective roles.

The voice actors of the original series, Mariya Ise and Megumi Han, have dropped a few hints. Megumi Han (voice of Gon Freecss) posted a microphone with the caption that she is very excited to work with her partner. On the other hand, Mariya Ise (voice of Killua Zoldyck) also tweeted something similar to Megumi.

These two actors single-handedly revived a dead fandom. From these coded messages, fans concluded that they are probably working on the renewal.

If the Japanese voice cast remains unchanged, then most probably there won’t be any changes to the English voice cast either. Meaning that we’ll get to hear Erica Mendez and Cristina Valenzuela once again.

The plot

The plot revolves around Gon Freecss, who believes that he is fatherless. Miraculously, the boy one day finds out that his dad Ging is alive and works as a ‘Hunter.’ Following this revelation, Gon decides to become a hunter to track down his father. All 6 seasons are about his adventures.

Now the question arises what will season 7 of Hunter X Hunter unfold?
If Togashi ever finishes writing the Manga, its story will most likely explore Gon Freecss and the Hunters.

The reason fans have so much faith in season 7 is that this Manga is yet to be completed. Togashi himself has admitted that he intends to complete the series before something happens to him.

It’s a good thing that fans are hopeful, but they should also mentally prepare themselves for any heartbreaking news.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Trailer

As mentioned before, there are no updates from either Netflix or Togashi about season 7. But if they intend to release the new installment. We’ll probably get to see the trailer 3 to 5 months before the final release.

If they ever decide to release season 7 of Hunter X Hunter, it will definitely be a ground-breaking hit. Because the series has a solid fanbase.

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