Terraria Wormhole Potion – Know Crafting, Stats And Uses

Willing to start a multiplayer session with your buddies? Then you can quickly join after consuming a bottle of Terraria Wormhole Potion. But the process to use this potion isn’t simple as it seems. Many players can’t figure out how to use Terraria Wormhole Potion because the game won’t let them drink it. Suppose you are also one of them and willing to know a possible way to use wormhole potion. Then keep on reading to find out all the possible ways. But before all of these, we will be telling you the basics.

Terraria Wormhole Potion Basic Info

Terraria Wormhole Potion

Terraria Wormhole Potion is a consumable item in the game. This potion can teleport you instantly to another team member’s location in multiplayer mode. The only demerit of this potion is that it only allows the same team or group players to teleport. Hence, if you are looking to join another player of another team, then you’ll need to join his team before joining his session.

Nevertheless, if you are from the same team, then the game will announce a teleportation message. But if you have already disabled the minimap, then you won’t be able to use the wormhole potion until you enable it again.

How to Get Wormhole?

If you are trying to find a bottle of a wormhole in single-player mode, then don’t waste your time and energy. Because this potion is impossible to find in any mode except multiplayer (it doesn’t matter if you are the only one in it). However, you can still craft it in a single-player mode.

In a multiplayer session, you can get it from the drops of Pots, slimes, or apart from these, you can find it in Chests underground. If you aren’t lucky enough to see it, then the recipe to craft it requires bottled water, a Spectacular Fish, and Blinkroot.

Any player can find these required items quickly, as blinkroot is used in several potions and you can also find it without making any extra effort. At the same time, the Spectacular Fish can be spotted in Forest and Snow biomes by fishing underground.

Benefits of Using Wormhole Potion

This potion has multiple uses and a massive list of great ones outside the apparent implications. The amateur players usually drink it if a player and their friend somehow get separated, but if you use it wisely, then you can make it a deal effortlessly. The perfect use of this potion is during a Terraria boss fight.

Terraria Wormhole Potion – Know Crafting, Stats And Uses

Alternatively, the pro players use it to travel long distances to rejoin an event or hard mode bosses battle. Since this potion lets players jump right back immediately, even against the bosses that are difficult to find and kill, such as the wall of flesh.

How to Use Wormhole Potion?

Even being a consumable item of the game, the players can’t use it in the traditional methods. To use a Terraria wormhole potion in the game, you’ll need to open the map and find the player’s icon to whom you want to join. After spotting, click on his/her icon and in this way you’ll consume the potion and teleports you to that location.


This potion is incredibly useful for all the players. If you love spending time in multiplayer sessions, then we advise you to keep a sufficient quantity of these potions in your arsenals. However, You just need to be sure that you are using them from the world map instead of the inventory.

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