How to Unlock Razor Ramon and Diesel in WWE 2K Battleground?

Two of the biggest stars in WWE 2K Battleground update that went live on December 30th are Diesel and Razor Ramon. However, Angelo Dawkins is also available in this update, unlike the other two added characters. But you don’t need to make efforts to unlock him. However, Diesel and Razor Ramon remain unavailable until you unlock them. If you are looking to know how to unlock Razor Ramon and Diesel in WWE 2k Battleground, then you are at right place. This article will elaborate on how to unlock Razor Ramon and Diesel in WWE 2K battleground. But before we start, let’s take a short overview of this video game!

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Video Game is an interactive professional wrestling video game developed and released by Saber Interactive. It was officially released on September 18th, 2020 instead of the normal yearly WWE video game. Earlier the previous launch event of the game cancelled due to the COVID-19. WWE 2K is the flagship game for the new WWE franchise. And features all the biggest matches from both the WWE and its competitors. If you are looking for a new online wrestling game with everything that makes a good wrestling game, this game is absolutely for you.

how to unlock Razor Ramon and Diesel in WWE 2K Battleground

Razor Ramon in 2K Battleground

This guy is mostly known for his brutal power. He is a very devastating submission specialist, and with his high speed, he can move through the match quick to get the advantage. With his agility, he can surprise his opponents with his submissions, thus giving him an advantage in this game. 

Diesel in 2K Battleground

This guy is favourite WWE character of many players because he’s likeable, intelligent, and has an overall rating of 90 and that’s why he has been added in Hall of Fame. You are going to love seeing him go out there and take names! This is another character that many players want to unlock in WWE 2k Battlegrounds, so if you get this guy as a WWE star, be sure to show him off.

how to unlock Razor Ramon and Diesel in WWE 2K Battleground

How to Unlock Razor Ramon and Diesel in WWE 2K Battleground

  • Go to “Main Menu”.
  • Enter “Superstars tab”.
  • Unlock Diesel and Razor Ramon and any other characters that you want to!

Keep in mind that unlocking both Diesel and Razor will cost you a bit (9000 bucks for Razor Ramon and 6000 bucks for Diesel). But when you finally do get them, make sure to practice using them a bit. They can feel a bit sluggish at first, but the learning curve gets faster with the usage. So, no need to feel discouraged if you find difficulties while getting along with them. Follow the above-mentioned steps to unlock Diesel and Razor Ramon in WWE 2K Battleground and enjoy the game.

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