Terraria Healing Potion – The Ultimate Secret Of Terraria Healing Potion

You are fighting with a Terraria boss, and you are just about to kill him, but in a counter-attack he kills you. As a player isn’t it very irritating for you? Don’t you just get a desire or feeling that you could have defeated him if you had a little bit more energy? If yes, then the Terraria Healing Potion is an ultimate solution. However, how to craft and use Terraria Healing Potion? Keep reading this guide to know the top-secret to understand how to make health potions in Terraria Journey’s End.

From the tier list of healing potions, it comes at second place. At first, we have Lesser Healing Potion, the third being the Greater Healing Potion and the fourth being the Super Healing Potion. If you are low in health, then you can consume a bottle of healing potion to restore your health bar.

Apart from crafting, you can find it naturally inside the pots after activating hard mode. And before the hard mode, it is available in pots in the Underworld.

From the long list of Terraria bosses, the Wall of Flesh is the currently only boss that drop Healing Potions, as other bosses drop Lesser, Greater or Super Healing Potions.

Quick Tip:- If you are in the middle of a boss fight and you have the last bottle of healing potion, then you can use it several times. To do so, place the bottle back into the inventory instantly after using it.

Terraria Healing Potion – The Ultimate Secret Of Terraria Healing Potion

How to Get Terraria Healing Potion?

The easiest way to obtain a bottle of Terraria Healing Potion is by breaking pots and opening mystery chests. Nevertheless, if you want to craft it, then you’ll need a few things.

First of all, you need a glass bottle. To make a bottle, place use sand blocks in the furnace to create two glass tiles. Once your bottle is ready, place it on any flat surface (prefer to use sheltered location) along with other crafting material. After performing these steps, approach towards the glass bottle to start crafting.

Terraria Healing Potion – The Ultimate Secret Of Terraria Healing Potion

By standing next to your bottle, you can initiate the potion brewing process. There is a total of four potions in the game which you can craft, Lesser, Regular, Greater, and Super Healing Potions. All of these require different ingredients, have a look at the table below for your convenience.

  • Lesser Healing Potion.
    • 2 Gel.
    • 1 Mushroom.
    • 2 Glass Bottles.
  • Healing Potion
    • 1 Glowing Mushroom.
    • 2 Lesser Healing Potions.
  • Greater Healing Potion.
    • 3 Bottled Waters.
    • 1 Crystal Shard.
    • 3 Pixie Dust.
  • Super Healing Potion.
    • 4 Greater Healing Potions.
    • Nebula Fragment.
    • Solar Fragment.
    • 1 Stardust Fragment.
    • 1 Vortex Fragment.

In worst cases, you may run out of these healing potions. In those circumstances, you can recover your health points by staying at a safe place. If you can’t manage to find a safe place, then you can create a campfire by using any type of ten wood along with five torches. After crafting, place it down and stand near it. While standing, you’ll receive a health regeneration buff.

When you are doing a boss fight, these healing potions become an essential item. Thus, always make it sure that you carry enough healing potions in your inventory before summoning a hard to defeat a boss.

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