Terraria 3Ds Bosses: Know How to Summon and Kill Each of Them

3ds version is the mobile version of Terraria. There are two Terraria 3Ds Bosses, but these two are not available on any other platform. These Terraria 3Ds Bosses have been discussed below.

Terraria 3Ds Bosses #1: The Lepus

Lepus is a Terraria 3Ds Boss whose health power is 9000. It can be summoned with the help of suspicious-looking eggs. It is important to remember that a player should preferably summon lepus when he is close to his base.

You can get suspicious-looking eggs by killing corrupt bunnies or diseaster bunnies. You can also get these eggs by defeating diseaster bunnies which are found during Easter season.

Terraria 3Ds Bosses

As a Terraria 3Ds Bosses, Lepus will come into being a bit far from you and a piece of special music will start playing. This music won’t stop until lepus dies. Then, lepus jumps like a frog towards you. In fact, lepus will also attack you by his jumping.

Lepus Will Also Lay Eggs

These eggs are of two kinds. The smaller eggs will give rise to diseaster bunnies whereas the larger eggs will give rise to fragile lepuses. To defeat Terraria 3Ds Bosses, you must destroy all the lepuses as fast as you can. This is because even the fragile lepuses will give to rise to more lepus. If you defeat lepus but one of the bigger eggs hasn’t hatched yet, it will form diseaster bunnies instead of lepus. Every single lepus will provide you with loot items.

How to Kill Lepus?

You can kill lepus through multiple strategies. One easy to understand strategy for beginners to kill Terraria 3Ds Bosses is to use grenades. If you continuously drop grenades down at lepus all its eggs will be destroyed. After dropping around 3 stacks of grenades, lepus will also die.

Another good strategy to defeat Terraria 3Ds Bosses would be to use lava. You can also use a water bolt to kill lepus. To make use of the water bolt efficiently, move lepus towards a small area and put in more platforms. Try to place lava at the bottom. Now, when you will use water bolt it will bounce on the walls of that small area where you had enclosed lepus. Through this strategy, none of the eggs laid by lepus will hatch.

The last lepus will provide you with egg canon or boots of Ostara. The egg canon is a weapon which uses bullets. When the egg cannon is fired, these bullets transform and resemble suspicious-looking eggs. The boots of Ostara are special boots that turn dirt into grass. These boots will also give you a defence of 3.

Terraria 3Ds Bosses #2: Turkor the Ungrateful

Turkor the Ungrateful is a Terraria boss only available in the 3ds version. To summon this boss, you will need to summon Pet Turkey via the turkey feather first. Then, using the cursed stuffing, Turkor the Ungrateful will be spawned. However, the pet turkey will despawn.

Terraria 3Ds Bosses

If you will be having a turkey feather in your inventory, it will get consumed. An important fact to remember while summoning Turkor the Ungrateful is that it spawns during Thanksgiving only. This means that if you try summoning it before or after the Thanksgiving season, it will not appear. However, the products used for summoning it will be used.

Turkor the Ungrateful has a body that is immobile and looks like a cooked turkey which is served on a plate. On the other hand, this boss’s head moves and is connected to the body via a flexible spine. This boss comes with a health power of 15000. Moreover, special music will also continuously play until the boss isn’t dead.

The head of Turkor will continuously move around you and also pass through blocks. It will peck you and while making this lunge towards you, it will make a clucking sound. You should remember at all times to not come in contact with Turkor’s body as it can cause immense damage. The good thing is that it cant move.

How to Kill Turkor the Ungrateful?

A wise strategy to follow always is first to attack the head and destroy it. It will give you a benefit as the body’s defence will decrease for 25 seconds until more heads appear. After those 25 seconds end, two heads will appear.
Once you kill these heads, you will have another 25 seconds to damage the turkor’s body. Once more, 2 or 3 heads will appear.

This process will continue until the boss isn’t routed. If you kill the body first, the heads will still be present, and you will have to kill them. If one of the heads despawn because you moved from the screen, you will not get any loot for it.

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