How to Get Starfield Early Access? Do Any Starfield-Branded Add-Ons Exist?

Do you want to know how to play Starfield before everyone else? Bethesda’s upcoming flagship game appears to have a scale that is unprecedented even among open-world role-playing games.

There are supposedly thousands of planets to discover in Starfield, and it will likely take you hundreds of hours to do it. If you’re eager to dive into Starfield right away, the early access launch date is where you should begin your exploration.

For those interested in creating their ideal spacefaring character and plunging into the Starfield universe nearly a week before the rest of the globe, this short guide will explain when the Starfield early access begins and how to acquire access.

How to Get Starfield Early Access?

Starfield will be available to a select group of players five days before its official release date. How can a participant enter the exclusive group of winners? You can do this by, well, buying something other than the base game of Starfield.

One of the three premium editions of Starfield must be purchased in order to participate in the Early Access period. Standard, Digital Premium, Premium Upgrade, and Constellation are the game’s four current iterations.

The base version, called “vanilla,” costs $70 and includes the game and pre-order bonuses but nothing else. The additional features found in the other three editions are not limited to Early Access.

To be clear, Bethesda isn’t asking $30 more for the Digital Premium only so players may play for an extra five days. The upcoming Shattered Space expansion is included, as well as the Constellation skin pack, digital artbook, and soundtrack.

Meanwhile, for $35, you can get the Premium Upgrade, which includes everything but the base game that is included in the Premium Edition.

That may sound like a terrible deal if you’re planning on buying Starfield, but it’s actually targeted at players who already have a digital copy of the game thanks to a gift or who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass.

The Premium Upgrade is also available in physical form; however, it replaces Early Access with a Steelbock case and a sewable patch (similar to bug fixes) for your jacket.

The Constellation Edition is the ultimate and most expensive special edition that includes Early Access. This edition comes with all of the aforementioned extras and costs a whopping $300.

The sole extra “content” in the Constellation Edition is a game code etched into a replica of a “credit stick” from the game, together with a limited edition watch and case. However, the Constellation edition is the only physical copy available and is completely sold out at this time. Waiting for stores to get more stock before the release date is probably not a good idea.

If you just can’t wait to get your hands on Starfield, you can grab the Premium Edition, but if you already have a Game Pass membership, the Premium Upgrade might be a better price.

When Will Starfield’s Early Access begin?

On Friday, September 1, 2023, at the following times, Starfield will become available for early access.

  • East US: Thursday 31st August at 8pm (EDT)
  • Central US: Thursday 31st August at 7pm (CDT)
  • West US: Thursday 31st August at 5pm (PDT)
  • UK: Friday 1st September at 1am (BST)
  • Europe: Friday 1st September at 2am (CEST)
  • Australia: Friday 1st September at 10am (AEST)
  • Japan: Friday 1st September at 9am (JST)

Do Any Starfield-Branded Add-Ons Exist?

Do Any Starfield-Branded Add-Ons Exist

Microsoft is releasing a limited edition Starfield wireless Xbox controller for $80 and a wireless headset for the same price. Wraps inspired by Starfield, which can be preordered for $45 and give your Xbox Series X a fresh look, are now available.

You can now get Starfield t-shirts, mugs, and even skateboards from the Bethesda online store.

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