How to Delete a Page in Word

Earlier, whenever we needed to delete a page in word, graphics, or other content in a document from our task. Then we just simply wadded it up in a ball and threw it in the trash can. But nowadays, the process is more technical and less manual.

While writing in the Microsoft Word, we sometimes notice that MS word has created a blank page in the document. It creates unprofessional thoughts to editors or potential employers. To avoid this embarrassing situation, we try our best to find the answer to the question How to Delete a Page in Word?

While students, office employees, artists or scientists everyone in the world utilise Microsoft Office. Somehow, Microsoft word has become a go-to software in every individual’s life. But still, a vast number of users even don’t know how to delete a page in word. So, they find themself needing to cull back the page count by removing an entire page from the Word document.

For example, when most of us try to delete a page in word, we end up giving our mouse or backspace button a bit of an extra workout to do. But all this happen because we aren’t aware that there’s a more efficient way to complete this task.

So, lets read further to get answers to our all frustrating questions that bound us to realise that, we have completed all our work, but why are we still facing this problem?

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Things To Remember Before Starting

The instructions mentioned in this article applies to the software versions of Word for Microsoft 365, Word for Microsoft 365 for Mac, Word 2019, Word 2019 for Mac, Word 2016, Word 2016 for Mac, Word 2013, and Word 2010.

If you are collaborating editor of a document, then never forget turn on “Track Changes” before making significant revisions in the text.

How to Delete a Page in Word By using the Show/Hide Function?

The show/hide function is prevalent in word, but we almost forget about it when we are in a hurry to complete the task. This function displays all the hidden features of MS word such as paragraph marks, table cells, page breaks, and spaces between words.

You can always rely on it by using it to see what you need to remove to avoid removing the text you want to keep. If you turn on the track changes feature, then it would be easy to check what changes you have made to the doc. And it also will be helpful if you make any mistake.

Here is How You Can Activate The Show/Hide Function Before You Remove The Text From MS Word Page.

  • Click on the ribbon (shown in the image below), then select Home.
  • Now you can see a Paragraph group, select the Show/Hide (paragraph symbol) icon from the list.
How to Delete a Page in Word
  • Now within your text, all the formatting symbols are visible in your ms office word document page.
  • If you want to turn off this feature, then again select Show/Hide.
  • Alternatively, you can also use the combination of keys Ctrl+Shift+8 or Command+Shift+8 to turn the Show/Hide function on and off.

How to Delete a Page Using the Delete Key?

To delete a blank page from a word document, you can also use the delete key in a similar way you use the backspace key.

Just place the arrow at the beginning of the text which you want to delete instead of at the end. Either if you want to highlight the text before removing then follow the instructions as mentioned earlier again but, instead of pressing the Backspace key, press the Delete key to remove the text.

How to Use the Backspace Key to Delete a Page?

To check which part of the document you can delete from a single page. Click formatting symbols available in your MSword. Place the cursor at the end of the paragraph or text which you want to delete then press and keep holding the Backspace key on your keyboard.

If you have a large text to remove, then you can consider using the shortcut keys to highlight the text and then press the Backspace key.

Steps to Highlight and Remove Text Using the Backspace Key

Quick Tip:- MacBook’s keyword doesn’t come with the backspace key. So instead of using the backspace key, you can use the delete key for the same purpose.

Place the cursor at the beginning of the text.

Now press and hold Ctrl+Shift or Command+Shift. While holding all the keys, press the down arrow key at the same time to highlight the one paragraph at a time.

Continue pressing all the keys until all the text which you want to remove is highlighted, then release all three keys.

Quick Tip:- Alternatively, You can also use mouse or touchpad of the computer/ laptop to highlight all the text on the page you want to remove.

How to Delete a Page in Word

To delete all the text at once, press the backspace key. Now all the unwanted text is removed and you see the text on the following page in word.

How to Delete a Page in Word

Use The Draft View to Delete a Page

You can use the draft view option available in the MS word. This option enables you to watch the word page without extra elements — such as page boundaries, backgrounds, headers and footers.

To view the draft view, Click on the “View” tab then click on Draft in the Views group. You can also check the image attached below for the reference.

How to Delete a Page in Word

Steps For Deleting a Page of Content

Click anywhere on the page which you are willing to delete then switch to the “Home” tab. Now click on “Find” in the Editing group and then select “Go-To” from the menu to display the “Find and Replace dialogue box.

Alternatively, you can also press “F5” which will open the dialogue box for you automatically.

Now Type “\page” into the opened “Enter Page Number” space and then click on “Go To” which will select the entire page. Now click “Close” and press “Delete” to delete the page.

How to Delete a Page in Word

Final Words

No doubt, Microsoft office is a tool that help us to be productive and offer astounding number of fabulous features to help us to get our work done as quickly as possible.

As being the most productive tool of our life, it isn’t MS Word’s fault that it isn’t able to quickly delete a page.

Fortunately, you can easily delete a page in Word even without getting too much trouble and it also enables you to get your work done as quickly as possible.

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