Terraria Ocram Boss: Know How to Defeat Ocram in Terraria

There is a monster that is available only on the old generation console such as Nintendo. The beast is Terraria ocram. So, continue reading to get each detail about the Terraria Ocram.

What is Terraria Ocram?

Terraria Ocram is an old generation console version boss. That is one of the most powerful bosses of Terraria. Its health power is 35,000 in its first form and 17,500 in its second form.

First of all, the other three mechanical Terraria bosses have to be summoned and defeated. Then, using a suspicious-looking skull, you can summon Terraria Ocram. Ocram can only be called to fight at night. It means that you should use a suspicious-looking head only at night.

Ocram attacks, just like the Eye of Cthulhu. It summons servants and also attacks you regularly along with shooting red laser beams. Once you damage its health by 50%, its second form will appear with more power.

The second form will shoot purple lasers instead of red lasers, which is also comparatively more dangerous. However, it will still summon servants just like it did in its first form. Moreover, the monster will also call demon scythes via the demon scythe spell. So, the second form is much more deadly and harder to defeat.

Terraria Ocram Second form
Terraria Ocram Second form

How to Defeat Terraria Ocram?

There are a couple of ways to defeat ocram. The first method is to attack on the mouth until ocram reaches its second form. Then, move from one place to another horizontally. Because Terraria Ocram continually tries to attack you. By following this tip, you’ll get more time to defend yourself and give damage to ocram.

Alternatively, you can slash Ocram with Excalibur/Trizona swords when he hovers over you. However, you can use this tactic only once when Ocram is in his first form. But you should use it to deal lots of damage before he transforms into its second form.
Another strategy that you can use to defeat him in the battle is, that you must use Mega shark with a 1000 crystal bullets and full hallowed armor.

Use of Potions to Defeat Ocram on Nintendo Platform

After this, use 5 healing portions and warding accessories such as a cross necklace. If you have an endurance potion, use it as well. Because endurance potion will help you to defeat ocram.

The chances of Terraria ocram despawning in its second form are quite a lot. So, if you move away from it and it doesn’t follow you back, it is advisable to move a few steps towards it, and it will reappear to fight.

Another important thing to note about Terraria ocram is that it gives very few souls. So, to capture a lot of souls, you will have to kill this boss a couple of times. The souls are required to craft a new Terraria weapon. After the battle also drops other vital things such as a piece of Dragon, Titan or even a spectral armor.

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