How Did the Third Season of Emily in Paris End?

How Did the Third Season of Emily in Paris End? The third season of Emily in Paris is exactly the kind of pre-Christmas treat we needed. And it’s probably safe to say that we’ve already consumed the entire thing in one sitting.

The third season began with Emily (Lily Collins), who was at a crossroads both professionally and romantically. She was torn between working for her boss Madeline in Chicago or joining Sylvie’s new agency, and she was also trying to decide whether she wanted to pursue a romantic relationship with Gabriel or Alfie.

The third season of Emily in Paris concluded with a fairly intense cliffhanger, which has left us on the edge of our seats in anticipation of the upcoming fourth season. In the meantime, while we wait for more information regarding Season 4, here is a rundown of everything that occurred in the season three finale.

The conclusion of Emily in Paris Season 3, Explained

Obviously, there will be spoilers ahead.

As was to be expected, a significant portion of the will-they-won’t-they dynamic that has been prevalent between Emily and chef Gabriel throughout the first two seasons of Emily in Paris is carried over into the third season. But will they be properly together after all this time?

Things took a dramatic turn in the final episode of the third season when Gabriel and his fiancée Camille hosted an engagement party, which turned into a wedding without any prior planning or preparation. Emily had witnessed Camille and Sofia sharing a kiss in a previous episode, and she was not the only one who was keeping their feelings to themselves.

How Did the Third Season of Emily in Paris End?
How Did the Third Season of Emily in Paris End?

Gabriel wasn’t the only one. In the meantime, Camille became aware of the romantic feelings that Gabriel and Emily shared for one another. Camille informed the wedding guests and the wedding party that Gabriel was in fact in love with Emily during her wedding vows, which resulted in the cancellation of the wedding.

Nevertheless, we can’t let Alfie slip our minds! As he watched the drama play out, he realized that Emily had been fixated on Gabriel the whole time and decided to end their relationship as a result.

Emily and Gabriel were still encountering some bumps in the road, which was very unfortunate. Gabriel breaks the news to Emily while they are both sitting together after the fallout of the situation. Emily now has a completely different perspective on Gabriel and Camille’s engagement; she wonders if they are trying to make a go of things just because they are expecting a child.

Regardless, by the time the episode is over, both Emily and Gabriel have moved on from their previous relationships and are now single. Therefore, does this indicate that they will reach a satisfying conclusion together in season four? We certainly are hoping so!

The film Emily in Paris is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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