Hollywood Crowd At Leonardo DiCaprio’s 48th Birthday Party

Hollywood Crowd At Leonardo DiCaprio’s 48th Birthday Party: Since Leonardo DiCaprio embodies all that is great about Hollywood, it seems sensible that nearly the whole city of Hollywood turned out to help the Oscar winner celebrate his 48th birthday.

The guest list for the soiree on Friday night at a Beverly Hills estate was quite spectacular. Tobey Maguire, Leo’s closest buddy, arrived wearing a black sweater, black hat, New Balance sneakers, and sweatpants. He appeared to be joined by a tall brunette as well.

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LeBron James partied the night away despite the Los Angeles Lakers’ 10th defeat on Friday, giving them the second-worst record in the NBA. In grey wool dress slacks and a black turtleneck, the King looked handsome. Savannah, his wife, had a fashionable outfit on with a denim jacket, bell bottoms, and green heels.

Rich Paul, the Lakear str’s mega sports agent, joined LBJ and Savannah. He was dressed in a green corduroy Ralph Lauren jacket, a brown turtleneck, pants, and brown boots. Nope, Adele wasn’t visible. After pulling off two significant stops in Los Angeles, Rebel Wilson proved to be a really good friend.

The celebrated Santa Monica Pier hosted a celebration for Paris Hilton, where the Pitch Perfect star and her girlfriend, Ramona Agruma, first went. There, they rode a Ferris wheel and participated in carnival activities. The two then travelled together to Beverly Hills for Leo’s party.

Bradley Cooper, Adrien Brody, Jamie Foxx, Rami Malek, Mick Jagger, Casey Affleck, Wesley Snipes, Nicky Hilton, and many others were among the numerous A-listers who attended the party. There is currently no information on whether Gigi Hadid attended.

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