Hitman 3 Keypad Codes Door Codes & Combinations: Discover All of Them

All the games under Hitman series share a common appearance. If check Hitman 3, then it will look like Hitman 2, and in the same way, the Hitman 2 was a lot like Hitman 2016. But in all three have some changes. If you have played the Hitman 3, you must have noticed a few missions in the game requiring keypad codes, Door Codes & Combinations to open a different way to approach an assassination and access a mission’s objective.

In the game, some codes are straightforward to remember. But to get other codes you will need to put some efforts. Hence, to make it easy for you, we have compiled all Keypad Codes and Safe Combinations in Hitman 3. These codes will help you out, in Dubai Keypad, Dartmoor, Berlin, Chongqing, Mendoza, Carpathian Mountains. Have a look.

Hitman 3 Dubai Keypad Door Codes & Safe Combinations

#1 Staff Meeting Room & Atrium Door Code:- There are several places where you’ll need to check for these safe combinations and door Hitman 3 keypad codes in Dubai. If you are starting from floor 00, you should check the whiteboard in the meeting room in Level 00. The code is 4706 if you can’t find it even after scoping the area.

Hitman 3 Keypad Codes Door Codes & Combinations: Discover All of Them

#2 Second & Third Floor Safe Combination:- When you reach on the third floor, you’ll see a safe in the security room. Just enter 6927 to unlock it. After unlocking, you’ll get an Evacuation Keycard. This card is handy for causing an evacuation at the 4th and 5th floor of the penthouse. However, it all depends on you how you plan and use this card to cause mayhem.

#3 Penthouse Guest Room Safe Combination:- It may be the least safe of Dubai but may not be the lease. Go to the Penthouse’s guest house, try locating the safe, and use 7465 as a safe combination. If you can’t discover the room, it is located on the second floor, to the left of the stairs and at the end of the walkway. Although, to open the door you’ll need a lockpick or the Penthouse Keys that are also on the second floor.

Dartmoor Hitman 3 Safe Combination Code Location

#1 Carlisle Office Safe Combination:- At this location, there is just one safe which you need to unlock. You will detect this code in the office of Alexa Carlisle on the second floor. Upon reaching, try observing a secret button near her chair. Just press it, and it will reveal the safe behind a picture. Above the safe, you will be able to spot four symbols – a clock, a telescope, fire, and a moose. If you want, then start finding these four objects, if not. Then focus on the numbers on the walls near them. To minimise your efforts, the code is 1975. You’ll get a case file from the safe.

Hitman 3 Berlin Door & Safe Codes – Where to Find

#1 Rolf Hirschmuller’s Office Safe Combination:- In Berlin, there is a case which you can easily find it is on Level -2, in Rolf Hirschmuller’s office, in the biker area. According to the tech staff standing outside the office and planning to loot the safe, the code, is 1989. It is the year when the Berlin wall fell.

Chongqing Door and Safe Code Combination Hitman 3 Locations

#1 ICA Facility Container, Apartment, Laundromat Door Code:- There are two codes; the first one is for the container door to the ICA Facility Entrance. Stay low and overhear the conversation, they’ll tell you the code when someone enters the room; they say it aloud. It is 0118. Luckily this code will also unlock the door in the ICA apartment on the second floor. From this apartment, you can get the P41 Form.

#2 Private Lab Therapy Room & Benchmark Lab Door Code:- The second code at this location is on the top floor. After entering, try to find it on the whiteboard. For your ease, the code is 2552. With this code, you can open the benchmark lab, on the fourth floor and the Therapy Room of Hush’s Private Lab and a door in the Arcade on Floor 00.

Mendoza Hitman 3 Where to Find Safe and Door Combinations?

#1 Laser System Door Code:- The key to turn off the laser turn grind and approach the Wine Fridge is 1945. The grid is placed on the first floor of Wine Cellar. There are two possible ways by which this code can be acquired. First, you can eavesdrop the conversation between a guard and a Sommelier. During the conversation, they will mention it by talking about the year when World War II ended. Otherwise, it is printed on the label of a wine bottle – 1945 Grand Paladin.

#2 Villa Basement Safe Combination:- The code to open the safe inside the basement of the villa is 2006. If you love to solve riddles, then you’ll also find it interesting. To solve the riddle, you need to spy the guards outside the villa and wiretap their conversation. They’ll discuss the couple’s wedding year. Now go inside the villa and there you’ll notice a calendar of the year 2021 on the wall, and the couple is celebrating their crystal anniversary aka their fifteenth anniversary. Thus, you require to subtract 15 from 2021, and the answer will be 2006.

Carpathian Mountains Door Code Location Hitman 3

#1 Door Code:- Technically it should be on the top of the list, as the players can easily observe it at the starting of the mission, to the left of the door. It is written on a poster. Somehow, if you don’t want to waste your time on it, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The final code should be 1979.

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