Hit & Run Season 2 – Will Netflix Renew It? Read All About It Here

Hit and Run just recently dropped on Netflix on 6th August but it has done fairly well in terms of ratings and viewerships. The series has ranked in the top 10 most watched TV shows on Netflix in several countries! Fans are now speculating about Hit & Run Season 2 because Netflix does not shy away from cancelling shows. So, will there be a sequel?

The series follows an Israeli man who travels all the way from Tel Aviv to New York to find out the truth behind his wife’s death. Although the case was ruled out to be a “hit and run” accident the husband was not ready to accept this, according to him his wife must have had some previous enemies who schemed in her murder. The entire first season revolves around him trying to solve this issue. But now the question arises: did the finale of the first season hint at Hit & Run Season 2?

Well good news because the first season was full of plot twists which were not completely explored in the first season and the finale also ended on a major cliffhanger so yes a second season is possible. But only if the writers are willing to continue with the story. Hit and Run was produced by the creators of the hit series Fauda! And Lior Raz even stars in the show.

But if the second season is to come then in what direction will the story progress? And most importantly will the same cast come back for the sequel? After doing some deep digging we have summed everything that you need to know about Hit & Run Season 2 in the article below. So, let’s begin!

Hit & Run Season 2 Release Date

As mentioned earlier the first season just came out recently in August so Netflix has not greenlit the second season yet. Naturally there’s no release date for Hit & Run Season 2 either. Moreover, don’t expect to hear the renewal news anytime soon because the streaming site takes at least a month to analyze the first month’s ratings on which basis the fate of the show is decided.=

And hopefully if the show gets renewed for a sequel then it will most likely be introduced in September or October but the premiere date won’t be announced at that time. You’ll have to wait for even longer to solve that mystery! The first season took almost 3 years for this entire process of production but this does not necessarily mean that Hit & Run Season 2 will also follow the same pattern.

But if the show gets renewed and the production begins by the end of 2021 then the 2nd season will drop somewhere in late 2022 or early 2023.


In the first season a lot of main characters were killed off so don’t expect them to feature in Hit and Run Season 2 unless they come back in flashback scenes. But the characters who were alive till the final episode of the first season can be the potential cast for Hit and Run Season 2. In that case the following characters will feature in the second season:

  • Segev Azulai (Lior Raz)
  • Naomi Hicks (Sanaa Lathan)
  • Tali Shapira (Moran Rosenblatt)
  • Martin Wexler (Gregg Henry)

However we are not sure whether Kaelen Ohm will return to play his character Danielle. Even though she was presumed dead in the first season the character still managed to appear in most of the scenes. So, will the second season also keep up with this pattern? No, because now the story might shift from her character to some other protagonist.

However, as we don’t know how the story will continue, predicting the cast can be very difficult. So, it is better to wait for the showrunners to confirm the cast of Hit & Run Season 2 themselves.


By the end of the first season the plot twists were all over the place. Segev uncovered a lot of secrets which turned his whole world turned upside down. It turns out that the woman he was married to was living double lives and he was completely unaware of Danielle’s spy job. 

There is no official plot synopsis for the second so it isn’t easy to predict the storyline of the sequel but we are hoping that the story will continue from here. Segev’s daughter Tali gets kidnapped in the first season and this might make the main plot of the sequel. 

Hit & Run Season 2 Trailer

As Hit & Run Season 2 is not confirmed yet there is no teaser or trailer for it either. But if the second season is to come then expect the official trailers to release 3 to 4 months prior the premiere. 

Very little is known about the sequel because it just got released. But as we will get to know more about it we’ll update this site at the earliest. So, bookmark this page!

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