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Most of the time, one thing in particular—DRUGS—is at the heart of many events that occur around the globe. Drugs have advantages, but they also frequently have harmful effects. Drugs are the cause of addiction, which destroys lives.

Additionally, it is surrounded by several battles and crimes that endanger lives and peace. One such American crime drama television program is Hightown, which centers on the drug battle, drug usage, addiction, and murder that ties it all together.

Rebecca Cutter was the show’s creator and co-produced the project alongside Gary Lennon, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, and KristieAnne Reed. Eight episodes make up the first season of the television show Hightown, while 10 episodes make up the second season.

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After receiving favorable feedback from critics and fan affection, the television show Hightown was picked up for a third season. Season 2 of the program debuted on Starz on October 17, 2021, after the first season aired on the renowned satellite television network on May 17, 2020.

This series is all-inclusive and blends drama, mystery, and crime. It has a 6.6/10 IMDb rating, and ever since the final episode of season 2 aired. Fans have been impatiently awaiting news about season 3.

Hightown Season 3 Plot

The main character, National Marine Officer Jackie Quinones, is a wild party animal who is also an alcoholic and a drug addict. The plot centers on her. Sherry Henry discovers the body of an opiate addict washed up on a beach, leading her to question the choices she has made in her own life as she explores the cause of the dead woman’s death.

The murder of Sherry occurred in the presence of Krista, who was Sherry’s best friend and a fellow addict in recovery. The remaining books in the series are common crime and investigation thrillers.

These events’ brutal nature ultimately compels Jackie to quit drinking. They found out from the agent of the Interagency Narcotics Unit, Ray Abruzzo, that solving the case would be challenging and time-consuming.

Hightown Season 3 Cast

While the show’s third season has been confirmed, the cast has yet to be announced. The cast of Hightown season 3 is still a mystery, as the show’s producers refused to discuss it. However, we have a list of possible season 3 cast members based on the events of the Season 2 finale.

Monica Raymond is returning to the National Marine Fisheries as Jackie Quinones, a service agent who struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. Renee Segna, Frankie Cuevas Sr’s fiancee and a dancer at Xavier’s Bar, may return as Riley Voelkel. As a fan of The Originals, you’ll recognize Riley’s face immediately.

Hightown Season 3 Cast
Hightown Season 3 Cast

She became well-known as Freya Michaelson in the fantasy drama series The Originals and Legacies. As Frankie Cuevas Sr., the drug lord now in prison, Amaury Nolasco is back. Actor and producer Nolasco hails from Puerto Rico and is known for his work in the film and television industries.

In addition to his roles in the Transformers films and Prison Break, he is best recognized for his portrayal of Fernando sucre. Hightown Season 3 could also see the return of Dohn Norwood’s Alan Saintille, a Massachusetts State Police trooper and member of the Narcotics Unit. The Sinner star Norwood is an American actor.

Other television appearances include the series Hell on Wheels. Osito and Ray Abruzzo are expected to return, as are Atkins Estimond and James Badge Dale. Both characters belong to the Massachusetts State Police’s CCINU division. In season 3, Some cast members are scheduled to reprise their roles.

  • Rumi C. Jean Louis as Frankie Jr.
  • Tonya Glanz as Leslie Babcock
  • James Badge Dale as Ray Abruzzo
  • and Mike Pniewski as Ed Murphy

The possibility of new characters being introduced in Hightown Season 3 is not to be discounted. As a result, we must rely solely on guesses about the cast until the team releases a comment.

Hightown Season 3 Release Date

There is yet more to Jackie’s narrative. Fans of the Starz TV crime thriller Hightown, which debuted on May 17 this year, should rest easy. Even before the season 1 finale was shown on July 12 of that year, Starz had ordered season 2 of the show in June 2020. On October 17, 2021, a popular crime drama’s second season premiered.

Fresh episodes will air simultaneously every week, starting with the debut at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The announcement of Season 2 also revealed that there would be ten episodes overall, two more than the first season.

Hightown Season 3 on Hulu has not yet been released. Hightown season is yet to hear whether it will be renewed. Fans of Hightown should initially anticipate a release in 2023, provided that filming gets underway early enough.

The third season of STARZ’s crime drama “Hightown” has been renewed, and Wilmington will now recreate Provincetown, Massachusetts. By the summer, when local filming will start, a spokeswoman indicated that production would be in full force.

Hightown Season 3 Trailer

Hightown Season 3 trailer has not yet been made public. However, season 3 is likely to be a mystery and drama-filled season. In the final episode of Hightown Season 2, fans will finally learn the answers to their queries.

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