Henry Anderson Wife: Is NFL American Football Player Married?

Henry Anderson, now 30, and his wife, Saryn, are expecting their first child. Read on to learn more about the athlete and his injury. Henry Anderson is a member of the New England Patriots of American football. The defense is where he shines.

In their previous meeting with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they were defeated by a score of 17-19. Many people point to their weak defense as the main reason they lost. Anderson was Quarter out of the game in the first quarter after suffering a chest injury. Until the results of the MRI are in, he will remain sidelined.

Is NFL Henry Anderson Married?

American football player Henry Anderson is engaged to be married to Saryn Rorie. He plans to make her his wife very soon. Saryn became pregnant with Henry’s child shortly after the couple engaged in July. Saryn tweets this photo when she is 34 weeks pregnant.

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After Cordarrelle Patterson was seen clutching Anderson’s groin, the future bride, Saryn, publicly displayed her sorrow. It’s not cool, she wrote on Twitter, for someone else to claim Henry as their own. Their connection is very public on social media.

Does Henry Anderson Have A Wife?

Yes. The name Saryn is the young woman. Since she and Henry tied the knot in June of this year (2019), this past summer marked their third wedding anniversary. They’ve been married for four years this year. Bowen is the name of their daughter. Photos of Bowen Eleanor Anderson dominate Sharyn’s Instagram feed.


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She’ll become one and a half years old in December. Henry Anderson’s return to football after a stroke is only one of the recent highlights in his, his wife Sharyn’s, and their daughter Bowen’s lives. On October 22, he was hit by it. This turned their entire family’s world “upside down.”


After making several cameos and hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live in seasons seven, eight, and ten, respectively, Anderson landed roles as Harry “The Hat” Gittes on multiple seasons of the comedy Cheers and later as Judge Harry Stone on the sitcom Night Court.

After that, he made several guest appearances on other television programs, including 12 times on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. With his magic act, which included the 1987 special Harry Anderson’s Sideshow, Anderson toured extensively and performed comedy/magic acts for clubs and TV.

He played the grown-up version of Richie Tozier in the 1990 TV movie adaption of It by Stephen King. Dave’s World, a TV sitcom from 1993 to 1997 and partially based on the life and columns of humorist Dave Barry featured him in the lead role.

Anderson during the 39th Primetime Emmy Awards in September 1987 with his first wife, Leslie Pollack. Anderson and his close buddy Turk Pipkin compiled a book of cons, tricks, and scams called Games You Can’t Lose: A Guide for Suckers. This 2001 reissue of 1989 original (ISBN 978-1-58080-086-0) features a study of “Games You Can’t Win,” as seen through the eyes of someone who has played them all.

Henry Anderson Career
Henry Anderson Career

He co-starred in the TV special The Science of Magic with Criss Angel, which was eventually made available on DVD. In 2000, Anderson hosted a test episode of potential What’s My Line? Return on CBS primetime. In 2002, he uprooted his life from Pasadena, California, to New Orleans, Louisiana.

In 2002, he and his second wife, Elizabeth, whom he met while she was bartending in New Orleans, created a tiny boutique in the French Quarter called “Spade Quarter Curiosities by Appointment” (later “Sideshow”), offering various “magic, curiosities, and Apocrypha.”

Oswald’s Speakeasy, located at 1331 Decatur Street, at the intersection of Esplanade Avenue, was opened by Anderson in 2005. Wise Guy was the name of the one-person act he put on for the audience. Anderson appeared in Hexing a Hurricane, a film documenting the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans’ first six months.


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They sold Oswald’s Speakeasy in October of 2006. Wise Guy, an evening show he created for his theatre in New Orleans, was still on the schedule. Anderson, along with fellow former Night Court cast mates Markie Post and Charles Robinson, all played themselves on an episode of 30 Rock in November 2008.

Anderson spent his later years performing on comedy shows like Comedy Bang! Bang! (2013) and Gotham Comedy Live (2014). In the 2014 Christian drama film A Matter of Faith, he played Professor Kaman for the last time in a film role.

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