Gwen Stefani Hit Camila In New Voice Outtakes

Gwen Stefani Hit Camila In New Voice Outtakes: Throughout Season 22 of The Voice, we have witnessed many entertaining pranks backstage. In addition, new outtake footage reveals the sweet and endearing bond between Gwen Stefani and Camila Cabello.

In the video that can be found above, Stefani can be seen giving a wave to the camera. When she attempted to imitate the movement of playing peek-a-boo, she accidentally hit Cabello in the face when she reached out with her arms just as she was getting closer to her side. After that, Stefani let out a gasp.

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However, there are no bad feelings between them, as evidenced by Cabello’s giggling laugh as the two embraces one another. “I’m sorry, Camila!” Stefani exclaimed. “I enjoyed it,” Cabello said with a lighthearted tone.

Gwen Stefani Hit Camila In New Voice Outtakes

“You’re adorable. You go, ‘I liked it,'” “I’m trying to sound like Camila right now,” Stefani stated with a grin while mimicking Cabello’s voice. How cute is that!

Later in the video, we see the two of them contrasting the sizes of their hands. Stefani remarked to Cabello, “You have such little hands!” Cabello laughed. However, after further investigation, she recanted her previous declaration.

She referred to both of their long, glamorous nails while making her statement and remarked, “Oh, I guess they’re the same.” On multiple occasions, Stefani has been overheard praising Camila Cabello’s performance on The Voice, particularly her friendly competition with Blake Shelton.

During an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, she commented about Cabello, stating, “She just talks a lot, and she’s competitive.” “It was odd because I felt like it took her a few days in the beginning when we were together before she got there.

And after the initial “Shut up Blake,” the game was officially on. The final straw was when she told Blake to “shut up,” after which “this whole thing transpired.” Watch The Voice on NBC Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c and the following day on Peacock to see more adorable banter between the coaches.

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