Greg Becker Net Worth: The Wealthy CEO Of A Defunct Silicon Valley Bank In 2023

American banker Greg Becker is well-known for his stellar track record in the business. CEO Greg Becker runs Silicon Valley Bank, a top institution that caters to the banking needs of high-tech and biotech businesses. He has overseen the bank’s meteoric rise to prominence and its nationwide and global expansion.

Greg Becker spent his professional career up to his recent move to Silicon Valley Bank in several executive capacities in investment banking and private equity at Goldman Sachs. The Nasdaq Stock Exchange and the National Venture Capital Association were both fortunate enough to have him on their boards of directors.

Greg Becker is a well-respected figure in the banking and finance industries due to his years of experience and knowledge in the field. His wealth is indicative of his prominence in the business world and his many accomplishments.

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Greg Becker Net Worth

According to projections for the year 2023, Greg Becker has amassed a net worth of approximately $35 million. The Silicon Valley Bank’s website recognizes him as a supporter of the innovation economy. Similarly, in both 2015 and 2016, Becker was recognized as one of the world’s 100 most powerful financial leaders by Worth magazine.

In the days leading up to the disclosure of a $1.8 billion loss that caused a deadly run on the bank, a trust owned by Silicon Valley Bank CEO Greg Becker sold $3.6 million worth of shares in his bank, according to company papers. The trust raised $3.65 million through the sale of shares on February 27 and spent $1.35 million on stock options.

The sales were set for January 26 in accordance with an SEC guideline that allows insiders to do so in order to reduce the appearance of insider trading. Before the bank announced on Wednesday that it had sold off a portion of its investment portfolio for a $1.8 billion after-tax loss and was trying to raise $2.25 billion in new capital, the sales of shares were completed.

The stock price of the bank plummeted as a result of the announcement, and customers began withdrawing their money out of fear that it would be lost if the bank went down. On Friday, authorities shut down the bank, marking the second-greatest bank failure in American history.

CEOs may have misused 10b5-1 plans, according to SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, who has suggested new regulations for the program. Under the proposed rules, which require 10b5-1 sellers to wait 90 days between filing the trades and executing them, Mr. Becker’s trust would not have been able to make the sales that it did.

The Profession of Greg Becker

Banker Greg Becker has been a part of the SVB Financial team since 1993. In May of 1993, he was promoted to chief banking officer and chief operating officer of Silicon Valley Bank. Becker served as COO for over a decade, from December 1997 until November 2007.

He assumed the presidency of Silicon Valley Bank and the SVB Financial Group in March of 2008. From May 2008 until April 2011, he served as President, a span of more than three years. After that, in April 2011, he became President and Chief Executive Officer of the SVB and Silicon Valley Bank.

The Silicon Valley Bank has experienced unprecedented expansion under his direction, consistently outpacing its rivals. Also, SVB has been recognized as a leading public company in terms of its rapid rate of expansion. In addition, the bank has emerged as a champion on the global stage for the interests of its investors, entrepreneurs, and corporate clients in the field of technological innovation.

Greg Becker Profession
Greg Becker Profession

He was recognised as a major player in international finance by World Magazine in 2017. In addition, he was ranked as the best CEO of a mid-sized bank by Institutional Investor. He first oversaw the Venture Capital Group when he first started working there.

Becker was in charge of establishing connections with and investing in private equity and venture capital firms all around the country. Besides being a co-founder, he was also a managing director at SVB Capital. While at SVB Capital, he oversaw the firm’s co-investment funds and the world’s best venture fund-of-funds.

Greg has previously served on the Executive Council of TechNet and the Executive Advisory Board of the Alliance for Southern California Innovation. The Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) chairmanship lasted three years (2014-2017) under his leadership as well.

Two weeks before the stunning collapse of SVB on March 10, Becker cashed out $2 million and sold $3.57 million in stock. Reports state that on February 27 he sold 12,451 shares at an average price of $287.42. Prior to the FDIC’s seizure of the bank’s assets on Friday, SVB stock dropped to a low of $39.49 in the premarket.

Securities and Exchange Commission documents show that he used stock options to buy back the same number of shares he had previously sold, at a cost of $105.18 a share. He allegedly executed the trades using a trust he established and controls on January 26 and using a predetermined trading strategy.

On Friday, Greg acknowledged the difficult 48 hours that preceded the bank’s collapse by sending a video message to staff. Greg had called customers the day before the company went bankrupt to reassure them their money was secure in the bank. The SVB’s business operations ceased suddenly on Friday, March 10 due to swift action taken by California banking regulators.


Greg Becker’s wealth is a reflection of his skills, efforts, and achievements in the financial sector. His wealth is only expected to increase as he keeps his position as CEO of Silicon Valley Bank and makes more accomplishments in the banking and finance industries. Greg Becker is a major force in the industry thanks to his strategic foresight and leadership abilities, and his wealth is a direct result of his many years of hard work and success.

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