Grace Van Patten Dating: Is She And Jackson James White An Item Off-Screen?

When it comes to nepotism in the entertainment industry, Grace Van Patten is the most under-the-radar baby. Her birthright was to pursue a career in show business, as she is the daughter of director Timothy Van Patten and the niece of actor Dick Van Patten. Grace has worked on both indie films and TV thrillers, but nobody seems to know what’s happening in her romantic life. Do we know who Grace is dating?

Grace Van Patten is an American actress. In addition to Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers and the Netflix films Tramps (2016) and The Meyerowitz Stories (2017), she has also appeared in the miniseries The Meyerowitz Stories (2021). She is the daughter of film director Timothy Van Patten and the niece of actor Dick Van Patten. The following is a complete list of Grace Van Patten’s known romantic partners.

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Grace Van Patten Early Life

Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School was a significant part of Grace Van Patten’s formative years in the Tribeca area of New York City. She is the first child of film producer Timothy Van Patten and former model Wendy Rossmeyer Van Patten. Grace Van Patten was a “tomboy” with several interests, two of which were volleyball and basketball.

Her grandfather, Bruce Rossmeyer, founded the Harley-Davidson dealerships that are now managed by her mother. She resides in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill neighbourhood and is the niece of comedian Dick Van Patten. She is related to actress Talia Balsam through their common ancestor, Joyce Van Patten’s daughter.

Who Is Grace Van Patten Dating?

Grace, like many other celebrities, enjoys using social media to spread the word about her latest endeavours and give fans a peek into her private life. Grace had been in a relationship with actor Nat Wolff earlier, as evidenced by their mutual social media profiles. Naked Brothers Band, Nat’s Nickelodeon show, has made him a household name.

Grace’s birthday wish to Nat towards the end of 2017 marked the first time the two appeared on social media together. Since then, she’s mentioned Nat in her posts occasionally, and in 2020, on Halloween, she was spotted with him. To celebrate their upcoming anniversary in April of 2020, Nat posted to Instagram, “Happy Anniversary @gracevanpatten,” along with a heart emoji.

It’s unclear if Grace and Nat are still together given that the last time they discussed their relationship online was in 2020. They saw the premiere of the Amazon Studios film Panic in 2021. However, in July 2022, Nat was spotted with Selena Gomez. Grace and Nat may have broken up right now, but none of them has said anything about it.

Grace Van Patten Career

She made her acting debut on her father’s crime thriller The Sopranos when she was only eight years old. After convincing her to audition, he cast her as Ally Pontecorvo, the daughter of infamous mob boss Eugene Pontecorvo. In 2014, she was featured in an episode of Boardwalk Empire that her father directed.

She was accepted to the University of Southern California, but she turned down the offer to study philosophy and psychology at the university there in favour of performing in New York. Since she had a job, she had to postpone her studies during the school year. Thanks to actor and LaGuardia student Ansel Elgort, she was introduced to her manager Emily Gerson Saines.

Her first major film role was as Ellie in the Netflix romantic comedy Tramps, which premiered at the 2016 Toronto Film Festival. She had an appearance in the 2015 crime drama Stealing Cars and the 2017 horror flick Central Park. Afterwards, she played Eliza, a film major at Bard College and Danny’s daughter, in the Adam Sandler comedy-drama The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected).

Grace Van Patten The Star Of Hulu's Tell Me Lies
Grace Van Patten The Star Of Hulu’s Tell Me Lies

Grace Van Patten The Star Of Hulu’s Tell Me Lies

Soon after starring in the 2021 Hulu limited series Nine Perfect Strangers, Grace will return to the streaming service for the television series Tell Me Lies. The show was based on the 2018 Carol Lovering novel of the same name. Lucy Albright and Stephen DeMarco, played by Grace Van Patten and Jackson White, reflect on their college romance from 2007 and its deterioration in the present day in Tell Me Lies.

According to creator Meaghan Oppenheimer’s interview with Cosmopolitan, Tell Me Lie is an examination of unhealthy relationships and how we damage ourselves when we choose the wrong partners.

She explained that Lucy’s downward spiral begins when she meets Stephen even though she recognizes several warning signs. It looks like Grace (and the viewers!) are in for a thrilling ride. Don’t miss the debut of Tell Me Lies on Hulu on September 7, 2022.


American-born Grace Van Patten. The actress-turned-model Wendy Rossmeyer gave birth to the daughter of film director Timothy van Patten. Her grandpa founded a chain of Harley-Davidson dealerships, which are now managed by her mother. In 2017, Grace dated the actor Nat Wolff. No statements have been made by either Grace Van Patten or National Geographic on the subject of her relationship status.

They were last spotted together in 2020, hence their relationship status is currently unknown. In September 2022, Grace will make her debut in the Hulu original series Tell Me Lies.

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